Today: January 16 2019
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Ankara marked the stage of its relations with Washington

Ankara marked the stage of its relations with Washington

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The relations between Ankara and Washington are close to the boiling point, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said speaking to students and teachers of MGIMO.

The head of Turkish diplomacy noted that to return the relations of the two countries to normal, it is necessary that the US "restrain every word of its own and respect Turkey," Tass reports.

"And every unfriendly gesture towards Turkey, in particular, the supply of weapons to the terrorists YPG (detachments of the Kurdish militia" People's Self-Defense Forces ", with which the Turkish army is at war in the Syrian territory, - VZGLYAD comment), should be corrected," Cavusoglu believes.

The Turkish Foreign Minister also said that if the US continues its policy, the Turkish people can "not stand it".

"I already openly say this: the boiling point of the people is very close," Cavusoglu concluded.

Relations between the US and Turkey began to deteriorate in connection with Ankara's concern with the support of Washington from Syrian Kurds from YPG, successfully fighting with Islamists and actually established their quasi-state in the north of Syria.

Note that in the territory of Turkey Kurds, which constitute a significant proportion of the population, do not have their own autonomy, and their political structures that support the self-determination of their people have been persecuted for decades.

Struggling against the Kurds, Turkey introduced troops to the territory of Syria and launched Operation Olive Branch.

Earlier it was reported that the number of military operations that the US military makes with the Turkish airbase Incirlik, has dramatically decreased.

Anton Cass
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