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30.03.2017 - 07: 29

Ankara announced the successful completion of the operation in Syria

Operation of the Turkish armed forces "Shield of the Euphrates", held in the north of Syria, was successful, it said in a statement after a meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) of the country, which was chaired by the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

"It was noted that the operation" Shield Euphrates "successfully completed" - RIA "Novosti" statement SNB Turkey.

It is noted that the purpose of the operation was to ensure national security, the prevention of the threat from "Islamic State *" and the return of Syrian refugees in the SAR.

At the beginning of March in Turkey stated that they plan to complete the operation "Shield Euphrates" in Syria after taking manbij. Manbij after taking she was transferred to the Syrian army. 24 February the Turkish General Staff announced that the operation of the Turkish Armed Forces in Syria under the name of "The Shield Euphrates" has reached the goal.

The operation was launched in August 2016 years.

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Author: Sergei Guryanov

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