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Antioch Church refused to take part in the Pan-Orthodox Council

The Synod of the Antiochian Orthodox Church (APC) has asked to postpone the Orthodox council, which intends to hold the Patriarchate of Constantinople in Crete with 16 27 by June, according to the CTA decision.

One of the main reasons is the dispute with APC Jerusalem church on the jurisdiction in Qatar. Jerusalem several years ago sent to his bishop, causing dissatisfaction with APC.

"Antioch Church will not take part in the Holy and Great Council to eliminate the causes that prevent the participants of the Council to make the Eucharist (communion - ed.) And it (resolved - Ed.). By solving (problem - Ed.) Violation of the Jerusalem Patriarchate canonical jurisdictional boundaries Antioch throne, which led to a breach of communion with the Patriarch of Jerusalem ", - says the decision CCA, published on its official website to Facebook.

Also, the Church laments the "slow pace of work of the Secretariat and the absence in relation to the schedule and sessions." Also, the Synod decided to "ask the ecumenical patriarch to work to achieve consensus on the reservations raised by local Orthodox churches" in connection with the Council.

Yesterday the Synod of Constantinople Orthodox Church (KPC) held an extraordinary session devoted to the preparation of "convened and has the approaching" Orthodox council, which called on all the local Orthodox Churches to participate in the Cathedral on the island of Crete (16-27 June), as well as "no institutional structure It can not review the conciliar process already begun. "

Last week to participate in the Council refused the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, as information appeared in the media that a similar decision will happen in the Antiochian Orthodox Church. In turn, the Russian Orthodox Church has proposed no later than June 10 to convene an emergency meeting in connection with the "emergency situation" prevailing in the preparation of the Pan-Orthodox Council.

Pan-Orthodox cathedral, which has been prepared over 50 years, would be expected, the first in more than a thousand years, the Primates Meeting and representatives of the Orthodox churches. However, according to the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, the forthcoming Council will not be "Universal" because "is not intended to resolve doctrinal questions, make any innovations in the liturgical life of the Church, in her canonical structure".

A source: RIA News

Author: RIA News

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