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The anti-Russian rhetoric of Macron only inflames the Ukrainian crisis

The anti-Russian rhetoric of Macron only inflames the Ukrainian crisis

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Russia is an "aggressor", and the French Queen Anna Ruska is actually "Anna of Kiev". Such statements during the visit to Paris Petro Poroshenko was noted by French President Emmanuel Macron. What is the reason for the anti-Russian rhetoric of the French leader? His predecessor Francois Hollande did not allow himself this.

French President Emmanuel Macron promised: the leaders of the "Norman Quartet" (Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Macron himself, and Peter Poroshenko) may meet in late June or early July. This statement was made at a joint briefing with the Ukrainian leader who flew to Paris.

But the rhetorical background created by Macron does not have much to do with Paris's interaction with Moscow. The French president allowed himself to be extremely harsh anti-Russian expressions, which his predecessor Francois Hollande did not use.

So, Makron said that "aggression" in the Donbass comes from Russia. According to Makron, it was the Russian state that allegedly "unleashed a war". The duty phrase about the "illegality" of the reunification of Crimea with Russia against this background looked quite ordinary.

The composition of the "Macron formula" is kept secret

Poroshenko did not stay in debt - the Ukrainian guest crumbled in compliments. "Our agreement ... the draft solutions of the" Norman format "may have the name" Macron formula, "Poroshenko said. "We will be able to present to society today a plan for bringing peace and de-occupation of the east of Ukraine," he said.

But what is the "Macron formula" and "plan for bringing peace", neither Poroshenko, nor Macron himself specified. The French president got rid of general phrases that "we are determined to continue the Minsk process." Makron stated: there is an opinion that the Minsk agreements are not the best format. "But I did not see the best proposals, that is, the proposals were, but I did not understand them," the French president said.

Kiev political scientist Kirill Molchanov, making assumptions about the content of the "formula", in a commentary to the Ukrainian portal "Vesti" recalls previous proposals of Paris. This is the "Pierre Morel plan" (emphasis on early elections in the Donbass with parties registered before the year 2014) and "Jean-Marc Héroud plan" (emphasis is placed on such points of Minsk as amnesty, constitutional amendments on decentralization, elections in Donbass And a special order of regional management).

Presidents have found time for "ancient Ukrainian princes"

In the absence of concrete proposals for the current moment, the main topic of discussion in the media and the blogosphere was the historical research of the president of Ukraine.

Talking about the "very long-standing relationship" between France and the Ukrainian state, Poroshenko told Macron about the so-called Anna of Kiev - the daughter of Prince Yaroslav the Wise to Anne Yaroslavna, who was married to the French King Henry I and remained in French history under the name of Anne de Russie (Anna Ruska) .

"Today you have taken the time to pay tribute to Anna of Kiev," answered Macron. "You showed how important this story of the 11th century is."

Recall that in late May, while on a visit to France, Russian President Vladimir Putin in his speech remembered about Anna Yaroslavna - and exactly in the same context, the context of the long-standing relationship between Russia and France. After that, Poroshenko said that in France "in front of the whole Europe, Putin tried to kidnap" Princess Anna Yaroslavna. Her father Yaroslav the Wise Poroshenko at the same time called "the ancient Ukrainian prince".

Then the academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the famous historian Pyotr Tolochko explained that according to ethnicity and state princess Anna Yaroslavna was Russian. He also confirmed the correctness of Putin's statements.

It can be said that Macron took the pseudo-historical position of the Kiev authorities, and this was his clear answer to the statements made in Paris by Vladimir Putin.

Makron's manner should alert not only Moscow

If we return from the "important history of the 11th century" to the present, the real, rather than rhetorical, outcome of the meeting looks not very impressive.

Given Makron's statement that "aggression" in the Donbass originates from Russia and it was Russia that "unleashed the war," "his chances to somehow participate in the resolution of the crisis tend to zero," commented the director of the Kiev Center for Political Studies and Conflict Research in a commentary to the newspaper VZGLYAD Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

It is clear that "Poroshenko is playing along with Macron, saying that there will be a" Macro plan for de-occupation "- as if demonstrating that Makron has come and now will ruin everything," said the political scientist. But, in his opinion, the manner of the Macron behave must alarm the partners: not only Putin, but also Angela Merkel.

For example, Makron states that the leaders of the "Norman Four" can meet in late June - early July, that is, before the meeting of the "big twenty", "while this is not agreed with either Putin or Merkel," the political scientist said. .

If Makron's proposals will lie in line with the implementation of the Minsk agreements, why should Moscow not agree with them. But the fact is that Macron begins by putting responsibility again in Moscow, "said Pogrebinsky.

Then the question is reasonable: "What can I talk about with you?" It is clear that Minsk agreements are not being implemented, because Ukraine does not want or can not fulfill them. The agreements themselves contradict the interests of Ukraine, as she sees it today. It is not by chance that this talk of de-occupation continues, and so on, "Pogrebinsky pointed out.

Therefore, in the near future one can hardly expect even a meeting in the "Norman format", announced by Macron.

President-beginner tries to assert itself at the expense of Russia

Makron here looks like a "cheeky newcomer," pointed out Pogrebinsky. He recalled that everyone has become accustomed to the "regularly inadequate" Poroshenko with his talks about Ukraine as a "success story". But when the "new president of France behaves this way, he received full control over the authorities in the country, which was called" financial Mozart "- this is at least not quite adequate," the expert said.

"Tearing up the big players, you position yourself as no less than a major player," Kirill Koktysh, an associate professor of the Department of Political Theory of the MGIMO University (U) of the Russian Foreign Ministry, commented to the VZGLYAD newspaper.

In his opinion, the attempt to assert itself at the expense of Russia is quite predictable and understandable, another question is how convincing it will be and ultimately work as an asset for Macron himself. "It is clear that he is solving his own problems, he needs to position France as an equilibrium with Germany," the expert said.

"The situation should be considered as part of the Macro's struggle for the return of the role of France, probably it does not have any special relationship to Russia," he explained, adding: "It is clear that any tough position Makron then on occasion will try to exchange something, Thus creating a moment for political bargaining ".

Koktysh believes that from the meeting between Makron and Poroshenko one should not expect any results. "France is not a significant player in the Ukrainian settlement. In this respect, by and large, little depends on it, so Macron can afford to take any position, "the political scientist said.

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