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The Apostle Paul speaks

The Apostle Paul speaks

Tags:Religion, Christianity

The apostle Paul says: There are saints like the sun in heaven; the sun is different from the earth in glory; and the stars are also different: one is brighter, the other is shorter. But every Christian is called to holiness. And if we are satisfied with our such life - in the constant oblivion of God, in the unwillingness to acquire a genuine spiritual life; if we do not really want to reach the Kingdom of Heaven; if we do not cry that we do not have true holiness; if we do not grieve that we can not help anyone by our prayer, then we will remain outside the Spirit of God. But "he who does not have the Spirit of Christ, is not his," says the apostle. Therefore, we need to get the Holy Spirit. For this the Lord came. He said: "I came to bring fire to the earth, and how I would have it kindled already!" The Lord wants this fire to kindle in us. He chose us from an eerie, obscene, stray world. He freely gave us faith - at one point we were believers. He gave us the source of a new life, he gathered us in the temple. He taught us to pray, gave us commandments, the Holy Scriptures, gave us flesh and blood for food, so that we derive grace from this source of God's grace.

But although we proceed to the Chalice of Life, the grace of us quickly goes away, as through a sieve, and we again remain lean. This is because we do not have faith. We read the Gospel, but it does not seem to be written for us. The Word of God passes by us, and we are not trying to fulfill it in some way, so that it becomes the basis of our life, our actions, words and thoughts. Therefore, until we take the path of courageous struggle with ourselves, with our sinful skill, the grace of God will evaporate and we will not accumulate it during our life and we will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

We are all believers here, we do not drink, we do not smoke, we do not swear with mats, we do not steal. It is not bad in itself, but this is only Judaism: do not offend your father and mother, do not steal, go to the temple once a week, fast twice a week - and everything is in order. But the law of Moses did not save, he only prepared for salvation. If there was enough law, Christ would not come. And the Lord wants to give us something more than making animals of us simply human beings, because this is not enough for the Kingdom of Heaven.


But we all have no love for God. Where there must be love for God, we are dead, nothing is there; we love only ourselves - absolute selfishness. How can we learn to love God? We must sacrifice: give God more time, more attention, more prayer; every day, every hour must be dedicated to God. Then the Lord, seeing our diligence, will give us in the heart a love for Him, and then we will really get the adoption. Adoption and love of God is always a gift from heaven. Here the apostles were upset, in sorrow - but the Holy Spirit descended upon them in the form of fiery tongues and regenerated them, because they were ready to accept this gift.

The Lord did everything to take us to Himself. He wants not to part with us, and He cares about each of us. Why do not we see God? Not because He is not, not because He is far away, but because we are blind, unfeeling and, as the Lord said in the Gospel, the hard-hearted; the heart is hard, hard, nothing penetrates. How can the heart be pampered? It is softened only by the victim. Constantly sacrifice yourself for the sake of the other, for God's sake. So, by accustoming yourself, we will gradually open our heart for love and then we will receive a gift from heaven - love, receive a gift from heaven - the grace of the Holy Spirit, receive adoption. Then we will become members of the holy Church, the family of the divine; then Christ will be our brother, then the Mother of God will indeed become our Mother. This is the purpose of Christ's coming to earth, and this is the purpose of creating His Church. The church was created so that we, living here, communicating with each other, communicating in prayers with the saints and with God, accustomed to the life that awaits us in heaven. It is like a projection of the life of heaven on earth, this is our preparation for eternity. Therefore, as they say, how much to church we are like, so much in the Kingdom of God and will be. Only she can teach us, nothing else: no books, no scientists, no speakers; only grace can teach - when a person puts his heart under this grace, when he does not close his heart from the mercy of God.

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