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Preliminary bombardment

Statements about the need to withdraw Russia from the permanent members of the UN Security Council and the readiness of Ukraine to take Russia's place in the UN Security Council and in the "Big Eight" - is not a "joke Ukrainian humor" and a trial balloon launched from Yatsenuk feed Americans.

Obama, speaking at a recent press conference in Brussels, not only informed about the exclusion of Russia from the "Big Eight", but called it a "regional power", which creates problems for its neighbors.

The main thing here, of course, is that the U.S. president has publicly tried to deny Russia the title of a great power, bringing it into the regional category.

Apparently, this is the main propaganda and psychological find current American sovietologists.

What is interesting? That under Yeltsin, when in Washington were sent for approval to the draft state budget of Russia, and until recently, including under Putin, the U.S. called Russia a great power.

But in Moscow there was a whole group of political scientists (many active and still do), who argued that Russia - this is not the Soviet Union, she was "in fact" has turned into a regional power, and ceasing to be global, and the world, and a great one.

And these politicians offered us to live with it. And for those who argued with them about it (I, for example), saying you do not understand it you have phantom pain, face the reality.

But the Americans continued to publicly indulge vanity Yeltsin (him to do what they need) confirmation that he leads a great power.
The same continued under Putin, although the Americans really great power Russia is no longer considered.

And now, when Putin made what was thought in Washington never solved, Obama is known Western rating agencies lowered the rank of Russian public.

The interesting thing is that Russia is a great power and actually officially by definition: 1) as a permanent member of the UN Security Council; 2) as one of the two nuclear superpowers; 3) historically (and other European great powers: Britain, France and, despite the defeat in World War II, Germany).

But, presumably, his Obama tried a new definition of Russia not only hurt our country once or Putin personally. Most likely, this is a signal to start a propaganda campaign in the western and other media subservient to the Americans, as well as the leaders of all the countries of NATO and the European Union, what, including Germany, are that it is now obvious, subordinates Americans - a diplomatic campaign to begin a gradual reduction of Russia's status as a great power.

In this sense and ridiculous statements about the need Yatsenuk withdraw Russia from the permanent members of the UN Security Council, and the main thing - and, seemingly, the most frivolous - Ukraine's readiness to take the place of Russia in the UN Security Council and in the "Big Eight" - is not a "joke Ukrainian humor, "as I have a couple of days ago about this put it, and a trial balloon launched from Yatsenuk feed Americans.

So the Kremlin and Smolensk-Haymarket need to prepare for is not humorous long operation to discredit Russia as a country that supposedly is not actually a great power.

If my theory is correct, then soon heads two or three states (one necessarily from Europe) also publicly call Russia a "regional power". And the same, of course, the media will do the U.S., UK, alas, Germany, France and Poland. Well, some of the smaller European countries. Which - not hard to guess.

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