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Assad has threatened force to expel Turkey from Syria and the United States

After the victory over the rebels in Damascus, US and Turkish military will have to leave the territory of Syria voluntarily, otherwise they will be expelled by force, said the president of the Arab Republic Bashar Asad.

According to Assad in Damascus currently considers its main task "the defeat of the terrorists."

He also expressed confidence that after the victory over the militants "will be very easy to expel all the other forces, including the Turks."

"Either they go, or we have to go to battle with them and win, to defend our land," - said Assad, reports RIA "Novosti".

Assad also said that since the beginning of the war in Syria tens of thousands of people were killed, not hundreds of thousands. He stressed that the Western media exaggerate the numbers to use it as a humanitarian pretext for the invasion of Syria.

USA together with its allies, without the consent of Damascus in Syria, carried out an operation against militants group "Islamic State *" and support the Syrian opposition. Turkish war in August last year launched "Operation Shield Euphrates" - also against the militants IG *.

A source: LOOK

Author: Alina Nazarova

Tags: Assad, Syria, war in the Middle East, IG, US Army, Politics, Turkey, Middle East

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