Today: December 14 2018
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The aviation sector in Cyprus demonstrates strong growth

The aviation sector in Cyprus demonstrates strong growth

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Over the past five years, Cyprus has made a number of very important steps for the development of the aviation sector. This was stated by the Minister of Transport, Communications and Public Works Marios Dimitriadis at the opening ceremony of the new warehouse complex of Swissport Cyprus Ltd at Larnaca Airport 17 January.

The Minister particularly noted the role of private business in the development of aviation and air traffic in Cyprus. Thus, the passenger traffic in Cypriot airports grew by 45% due to the arrival of new airlines in the Cyprus market and the launch of new destinations.

In particular, Swissport, which handles cargo at Cyprus airports from 2006 year, serves 50 foreign airlines and new Cypriot airlines such as Cobalt and TUS Airways - 5,9 million passengers, 19,5 thousand aircraft and 8,5 thousand tons of cargo.

According to Eleni Kaloyir, executive director of the operator of the Cyprus airport company Hermes Airports, in 2017 the passenger traffic in Cyprus grew by 14,2%, to 10,3 million passengers.

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