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Austria announced the closing of the doors of the EU to Turkey

The head of the Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurtz responded positively to the question of whether completely closed "door to Europe" for Turkey after the referendum.

He said that the referendum "alienated her from the rule of law and democracy", "Turkey is moving away from Europe" and can not rely on the introduction of visa-free regime, as Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan "deliberately led anti-European campaign and attacked Europe", reports TASS with reference to bild.

Kurtz called to turn the financial assistance that the EU provides Turkey in the framework of the integration process, since accession, "still will not."

"It is impossible after the referendum, to pretend that nothing has happened," - he said, urging Ankara to Brussels and clarify the relationship.

According to Kurtz, Turkey and the EU need not accession negotiations and "the agreement between the neighbors, which defines the areas in which we are working (for example, the issue of refugees), and in which - no."

A source: LOOK

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