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Bank of Cyprus announced "structural" changes

The largest bank in Cyprus Bank of Cyprus announced changes in the shareholder structure as a result of the sale package to 21,5 million shares held by the former bank Laiki.

According to an official statement Vos, the share Senvest Cyprus Recovery Investment Fund (Cayman Islands) and RIMA Senvest Cyprus, Senvest Management (New York, USA) is now necessary to 18,1 million shares of BOC that is 4,06% equity capital of the bank. First, they accounted for 3,32%.

In turn, the share of Laiki reduced to 4,81% (with 9,62% to sale of shares).

Among other major shareholders - the company TD Asset Management Inc. (Toronto, Canada), which owns the 23,36 or 5,24 million shares% of share capital. Registered Panama company Lamesa Holding SA owns 41,38 million shares Vos, which is equal to the share in 9,27%. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - 22,4 million shares (5,02%). 3,32% still accounted for Osome Investments Limited (British Virgin Islands), is 14,81 million shares. The share in the amount of 3,47% of the share capital BoC (15,46 million shares) owned by Tyrus Capital SAM (Monaco) through the company's Tyrus Capital Event Master Fund Limited and TC Four Limited.

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