Today: January 20 2019
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Banks of Cyprus will return money to defrauded Internet buyers

Banks of Cyprus will return money to defrauded Internet buyers

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The Cyprus Association for the Protection of Consumer Rights once again appeals to the inhabitants of the island to be very careful when shopping on unfamiliar websites. Especially it concerns those sites that advertise big discounts or indicate too low prices for the goods.

Recently, the Cyprus Consumer Protection Association has appealed to the island's residents to be extremely cautious when shopping at unknown sites. In recent times, cases of Internet fraud have increased. Scammers operate according to the scheme of "large discounts" for expensive goods. So, by going to an unknown site with the desire to buy, for example, an expensive phone with a discount of 80%, the consumer enters the details of his bank card. After clicking the "buy" button, not the specified amount but all the money is written off the card account.

Representatives of the Association inform that if a person is a victim of such fraud, then he can challenge the transaction in the bank, which issued his credit card.

The bank is obliged to consider the complaint of the client, since for these purposes the banks have developed special procedures for resolving such issues. If the client's complaint is justified, the bank will return all the withdrawn amount to the customer's account. Sometimes banks refuse to accept such complaints. This refusal is due to the fact that the bank's employees are not aware of the procedures for considering such issues, reports Philenews.

Also victims of Internet fraud can apply for help by calling 700 00 700, using e-mail or through broker The Cyprus Consumers Association.

Elena Savchenko
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