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Ukrainian banks have suffered major losses in the history of

Ukrainian banks have suffered major losses in the history of

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As a result of 2016, the banking sector of Ukraine recorded a loss of 159 billion hryvnia (about 350 billion rubles), this figure is a historical maximum. This was on Tuesday, February 7, said director of the department of financial stability National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), Vitaly Vavrischuk, UNIAN.

"The banking sector showed a record high loss in 2016 year - 159 billion hryvnia, which is due to the reservation of the loan portfolio of Privatbank," he said.

Vavrischuk also relied on the fact that in 2017, the banking system of Ukraine will be able to enter the profitable activity.

December 22 2016, the Ukrainian government nationalized Privatbank, which is in a difficult financial situation, for one hryvnia. In NBU said that the rescue of a credit institution will cost every Ukrainian approximately 100 dollars.

Also in December, the National Bank provided a loan in Privatbank 600 million dollars for a smooth customer service. Experts interviewed by "", suggested that the government will not be able to pay with customers and financial institution will default on domestic obligations.

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