Today: January 16 2019
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Belarus intends to buy Sberbank in Ukraine with a Cypriot passport

Belarus intends to buy Sberbank in Ukraine with a Cypriot passport

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A citizen of Cyprus and Belarus, Viktor Prokopenya, who owns Paritetbank in Belarus, filed a bid to buy Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine, a subsidiary of Sberbank, TASS reported.

Reports about the possible sale of Sberbank in Ukraine appeared after sanctions were introduced against Russian banks on the territory of this country. Now banks are forbidden to withdraw funds from Ukraine and perform operations in favor of parent companies, including provision of interbank loans, deposits, payment of dividends, purchase of securities, etc. According to the National Bank of Ukraine, Sberbank finished last year with a loss of 107 million dollars.

Victor Prokopenya is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in Belarus. He owns investment company VP Capital, which is interested in new technologies. In Cyprus, near Prokopeni there is an office of one of the companies, a businessman often rests in Cyprus.

Mr. Prokopenya is the second contender for the purchase of Sberbank in Ukraine. The first one is a consortium of investors in the Latvian Norvik Banka.

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