Today: January 21 2019
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Belarus will keep the embassy in Israel

Belarus will keep the embassy in Israel

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Belarus has decided to keep the embassy in Israel, said Thursday the head of the information department, said Thursday a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Dmitry Mironchik.

Originally it was planned that the Israeli embassy in Minsk this year will stop working for reasons of budgetary savings. In response, Belarus was going to close its embassy in Tel Aviv. In March, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that the Israeli Embassy in Belarus will not be closed.

"Consider getting through diplomatic channels a note with information about accepted Prime Minister of Israel decision to maintain a presence in Belarus, the Israeli diplomatic mission in the same format, the Belarusian side decided to maintain its diplomatic presence in the State of Israel," - he said at a briefing Mironchik.

He noted that the format of the Belarusian diplomatic mission in Israel will remain at the embassy level. "We adhere to the principles of reciprocity and we are going to stick it to continue our diplomatic presence will be maintained at the level of embassies in Israel." - He said.

"We believe that the maintenance of relations between Belarus and Israel at the level of embassies - it is an objective necessity, due to the close ties of tens of thousands of people for whom Israel and Belarus are close and native country, as well as the overall positive dynamics of bilateral relations in different spheres" , - the representative of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry said.

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