Today: March 23 2019
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Belarus will introduce a visa-free regime for tourists from the US and EU

Belarus will introduce a visa-free regime for tourists from the US and EU

Tags: Belarus, Visa, Migration

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree on visa-free regime for travelers from 80 States. This was on Monday, January 9, the press service of the head of state.

This innovation extends to 39 countries in Europe, including the whole of the EU, as well as Brazil, Indonesia, the US, Japan and other countries. Tourists will be able to stay in Belarus up to five days without issuing entry clearance at border crossings in the Minsk airport.

As explained in the press service, the simplification of the visa regime has touched in the first place, favorable migration in terms of countries and strategic partners of Belarus. In addition, we are talking about countries unilaterally abolished visas for Belarusians.

These measures are aimed at enhancing business travelers, tourists and other individuals with a regular passport. This mode will not be extended to foreigners with diplomatic, official or other equal to them passports.

For the citizens of Vietnam, China, India, Haiti and other countries impose additional requirements. Such travelers should, in particular, have a valid multiple visa EU countries or the Schengen area.

The press service also said that the said measure does not apply to persons arriving in Minsk Airport from Russia, as border controls are not carried on such flights. The decree will come into force one month after its publication.

Earlier on Monday, it was reported that Uzbekistan has suffered the abolition of visas for tourists from countries with 27 1 2017 April year on January 1 2021 years.

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