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"White is not allowed." In France, racism is gaining momentum

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Activists of the French union SUD are preparing to hold special educational training in December. Entrance to them to the Whites will be prohibited. Behind closed doors, people from Asia and Africa are going to discuss what they call "state racism" in France: the lack of "racial" professional cadres in various fields of activity. Activities that exclude the participation of the white population are held in the Fifth Republic for the first time. In the spring of 2017, a similar scandal erupted around the festival of Afrofeminists from the Mwasi group, and in 2016 - in connection with the training sessions at the University of Paris-VIII. Since then, there is no common opinion in society whether the skin color restrictions are permissible, if they affect not the former victims of discrimination, but the ethnic majority.

Pre-election campaign in Paris

"We do not expect you"

The national issue in France is one of the most painful, and it is no wonder that the country is banned from publishing ethnic and racial statistics. To find out how many people of different skin color live in the state, it is legally impossible. However, the descendants of immigrants arriving from other continents are sure: their share in the upper strata of society is small. During the seminars scheduled for 18 and 19 in December in Saint-Denis, the seminars will also be discussed. The Whites will not be invited to the discussion, since the victims of racial discrimination prefer to discuss the sharp points in their circle.

The deputy of the National Assembly of France Daniel Oboño understands the desire of black people to gather in a closed circle and compares "non-whites" with the victims of harassment. "I again return to the example of feminists.Women who have suffered from violence need to discuss certain things in a climate of trust.There is a need for communication with those with whom you can identify yourself, who have exactly the same problems.Therefore, it is a pedagogical tool, allowing people more freely communicate, "- explains the supporter of the left. The policy is supported by the historian Francois Durpère. "It is necessary to avoid the emotional view of this phenomenon, to analyze instead the motivation of the participants," the researcher said.

Without a loud scandal, "seminars are not for whites" are unlikely to cost. The program of events mentions the analysis and condemnation of "state racism", which allegedly prevents natives from the former colonies from taking a worthy place in society. The controversial wording was noticed in the Ministry of Education and insulted. Head of the department Jean-Michel Blanche said that he would sue anti-racists for disseminating defamatory information. However, the prospects for the claim are vague. Because the laws of France do not provide for prosecutions for defamation against public organizations.

The leader of the political party of France, the "National Front", French presidential candidate Marin Le Pen at an evening event on the results of voting during the second round of the presidential elections in France

"We are shocked: this is vice versa"

Is it permissible to hang a sign saying "the entrance is not allowed by the whites", albeit temporarily? Right and extreme right in France took a new turn in the fight against discrimination. "Basically, this practice of" seminars on the basis of non-mixing races "is a form of racism, albeit of racism, on the contrary." What is happening deeply shock me as a citizen of the republic, because our government does not allow for differences on the basis of race! " - said RIA Novosti Alain Avello, head of the association of educators who support the "National Front."
Avello and his fellow teachers "join the indignation of the Minister of Education." "These" seminars "are unconstitutional and unacceptable, all right, Mr. Minister, but the firmness that you are talking about requires more: the separation of the SUD, which is responsible for the event and does not respect the principles of our republic, it must be put outside our schools" , - said in a joint statement of a group of teachers led by Avello, known as the "Roots" association.

In turn, the leader of the "National Front" Marin Le Pen offers a solution in the same spirit: to take action against those who developed anti-racist trainings "not for everyone". "The minister's reaction is salutary, but must be accompanied by exemplary sanctions," wrote the politician in the social network.

The League for Combating Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA) unexpectedly joined the nationalists. The published statement says that "seminars are not for whites" - "introducing the spirit of separation and rejection of another" into French society.

Despite the fact that racial segregation, conducted in the past by the white population, is unanimously condemned by the entire French society - from the ultra-left to the extreme right - the same approach turned inside out causes no obstruction, but disputes. In response to the statement of LICRA and Minister Blanke, a group of leftist intellectuals wrote a collective letter in defense of the SUD. "First of all, it should be recalled that it should be obvious that these seminars are anti-racist, their goal is to combat racial discrimination." The feminist movement has experimented many times with practices of this kind. equality, the very same words about which are written on the front entrance to our city hall, "the appeal says.

The buyer walks past a butcher's shop with halal products for Muslims on the market in Paris

"There are too many white people in France"

To understand how the descendants of migrants themselves belong to the program of anti-racists, RIA Novosti with the support of Sputnik France requested a comment from the association CRAN, which protects the black population of the Fifth Republic. The descendants of Africa do not condemn the new turn in the struggle for their rights. The representative of CRAN Joan Louis believes that "he has no right to judge people who decided to meet in order to share their experience, in a strictly delineated circle." According to the activist, the indigenous population of the country dominates the French society, which gives other races an excuse. "Let us recall how many places in power - in the National Assembly, in the Senate, in the ministerial offices, where there is no confusion - neither racial nor gender - only men with a similar phenotype are represented," Louis concludes. In his opinion, there are too many whites in the field of culture. "In the Opera of the Bastille, in the Comedy Frances, at the Odeon Theater," he lists.

In the meantime, the country's authorities are thinking about banning meetings, the entrance to which is ordered by whites. At the beginning of the year, this was exactly what happened with the festival, conducted by afrofeminists from the Mwasi group. They wanted to introduce their own face control: only black people, mostly women, come to the events. After long hesitation, the Mayor of Paris, Socialist Anne Hidalgo, pressed on the "anti-racist", and closed for white meetings took place outside the public space - in private apartments.

Igor Gashkov
RIA News
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