Today: January 16 2019
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Berlin accused Trump of creating "giant instability" in the world

Berlin accused Trump of creating "giant instability" in the world

Tags: USA, Trump, Germany, International Relations, Politics

The head of the American state, Donald Trump, creates a "huge instability" in the world, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said.

According to the minister, Trump does not have a significant foreign policy agenda consistent with the postwar "political traditions" of the United States. In addition, according to Gabriel, Trump subordinated foreign policy to the internal interests of the United States, TASS reported citing ZDF.

Gabriel believes that Trump ignores the global order, concluding "temporary deals" and focusing on bilateral relations. The minister believes that now we should not talk about G20 or G7, but about the "big deuce".

Gabriel said that Washington is ready to comply with the rules created in the world only in relations "with those with whom, in Trump's opinion, it is expedient to do it".

As a result, the "liberal world order" is under threat, which the United States itself has formed. Support this world order now belongs to Europe, but alone European countries with such a task can not cope, the minister is sure.

Recall, Gabriel called the undermined relations between Russia and the US the biggest threat to the world.

Anton Antonov
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