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Berlin said it is impossible to develop economic relations with Turkey

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble and the head of the Interior Ministry, Thomas de Maiziere spoke about relations with Ankara, Berlin, and the possibility of speaking Turkish politicians in Europe.

Schäuble said that, given the situation, to develop economic cooperation with Turkey is not possible. In particular, he pointed to the arrest of the journalist Deniz Yücel: "We do not want to interfere in a criminal case, but it is clear that in the current situation, Turkey - or responsible persons in Turkey - destroys the basis for further progress in cooperation."

He called for the normalization of relations and reduce tension, reports TASS with reference to ZDF and ARD.

Schaeuble admitted that the desire of politicians from Turkey to act in the countries of Western Europe "may not like", but the German government all agree that we should not "aggravate the situation." Schaeuble urged Ankara to "listen to reason."

De Maiziere spoke much more categorical, saying that Germany "has nothing to do the election campaign in Turkey." He stressed that Ankara itself prohibited to campaign in other countries, but often speaking politicians claimed as campaign events.

He also said that the Criminal Code and other legal regulations govern the entry of foreign politicians in Germany. The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany, said that "the one who scolds the Federal Republic or its constitutional order and maliciously expressed his contempt towards them, commits a criminal offense."

Recall, the German-Turkish relations are one of the most serious crises in recent years against the backdrop of the fact that the German authorities have canceled three performances of the Turkish Ministers, dedicated to the forthcoming referendum on the amendments to Turkey's constitution.

For the deterioration of relations with Germany, and was followed by a quarrel between Turkey and the Netherlands.

A source: LOOK

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