Today: December 13 2018
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Tags: Religion, Christianity

It can be verbal and wordless. Atheism becomes verbal when it comes up with a theory for its own justification. In this capacity, it becomes especially dangerous, like an infection that has grown to an epidemic. Now the teaching can be taught from the department, writing scenarios based on it, making treatises and so on. There will be disciples, followers, political forms, built on the attempt to live without God.

Renaissance Italians said that religion is a conspiracy of the clergy to control an ignorant crowd. The French of the Enlightenment said that religion is a mass delusion, expelled by the multiplication of positive scientific knowledge. The Communists said that religion is a form of exploitation and maintenance of the ruling classes. Freud said that this is a neurosis.

Thoughts fly in the air. Without reading books, you can catch and repeat other people's stupidity, sincerely believing that you yourself have thought of this before. This phenomenon is everywhere. People believe in science (the more they believe, the less they understand it), go to psychoanalysts, consider religion a matter of uneducated masses and accuse the Church of everything they think or hear in gossip. They think that all this is "their personal opinion", but this is only long ago and not by them chewed and swallowed food.

However, for atheism, knowledge is least needed. You just need to choose in advance a lifestyle, completely godless, and then choose the argument. To select, most likely, haphazardly, as it is necessary. Consecutive thinking is a sign not of our era.

The style of the above-mentioned life (atheism) fits into small words. This, of course, pride: "I did not bow to anyone and will not bow. God, if He is, is no exception. " And yet this is a moral impurity with which a person does not agree to part. Does not want or can not. After all, everyone feels that it is worth acknowledging the existence of God, as soon as you connect the commandments. Elementary: God is, then I have to. To maintain a polite and sinful way of life, God has to be denied.

So, arguing with an atheist is an activity that irritates uselessness. The atheist is stubborn. It is not the mind that is arguing, but the interior, which turns away from repentance.

Perhaps we sometimes spend too much energy on finding a scientific and historical argument in favor of faith. The material itself for such arguments is huge and tends to infinity. But the fact of the matter is that the mind of the enemies of the faith is rather arrogant and unhappy, rather than solid and greedy for the truth.

In atheism, it is not the mind that argues, but the interior, which turns away from repentance

Remember your conversations with those whom the beam of faith did not fall. Do not they, they skip the mind with a topic on the topic and do not know how to drive a thought on the path once chosen. The inconstancy of the mind, the flea jumping of immature thought is their distinctive feature.

They also quickly get tired of a painstaking immersion in the problems and are soon irritated. Annoyed. The work of the mind at all is not perceived by them as a work, but only as a verbal rattling about this and that. Yes, and solid knowledge of the soul is usually not there. There are only scattered verbal pieces and fragments, either overheard, or read on the run. All this looks like a few puzzles from the big picture, when most of the details are lost.

But if you persuade a person to abandon the mythology of a self-generating life from dead matter; if you lead a person to the recognition that the most complex and finely tuned world has the Almighty Creator, the work will not end. Recognition of God must be humble. And after recognition, worship and worship, service and prayer should follow.

"I do not believe in God, but I will never raise my hand to the temple or its servants," these are real words that can sound even this minute. "I believe in God, but I hate the Church and priests" - these are also quite real words that sound constantly. Judge for yourself that it's more terrible or disgusting.

In addition to the pure denial of the world of faith, there is still a dark spirituality. Spiritists, sorcerers and others are not materialists at all. They are "spiritual" in their own way. And this special spirituality lies in wait for all who crawl out of the dark burrow of materialism.

Among our people, not excluding baptized, a lot of domestic atheists. They love themselves and their sins and therefore are not going to recognize God as God and humbly bow to Him. Everyone who loves the Lord will have to fight to the end of the century and struggle with growing struggle, to clash in disputes with the enemies of God. This is inevitable. At some point, when godlessness will numerically exceed the faithful by orders of magnitude, it will be silenced. It will be a kind of departure to new catacombs, and the Church will end with what it started. But while this time has not come (and it has not come!), One must learn, do not leave church prayer and temper the spirit for verbal fights. For God, for the truth of His being, for the glory of His name.

Archpriest Andrei Tkachev
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