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11.04.2017 - 19: 30

The inaction of the UN jeopardize the whole world

Refusal of UN in order to qualify the US action in Syria as an act of aggression, puts the organization under a blow from which it has long been trying to save Russia. In fact, it is the United Nations disengagement from solving the most important problems to function in the best case, the maitre d '. This promises her a bad future. What's worse, it's a bad future concerns the entire planet.

As follows from the first paragraph of the first article of the UN Charter, the organization has established in order to "maintain international peace and security", which is "to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to peace and for the suppression of acts of aggression" and to settle international disputes or situations , "which can lead to breach of the peace."

US attack on Syria is a clear act of aggression against a sovereign state. The Americans did not show proof of official Damascus of the blame for the crimes alleged against him. Moreover, even if the evidence was, neither the UN Charter nor any other international agreement no clause stating that "The US president has the right at any time to strike at the country, suspected of using chemical weapons against its own citizens."

Relations between the US and international law - it's a long and sad story of how the first ignored (if not trampled), the second under the slogans of the struggle against communism, democracy or, as in this case, of "humanism." Kill people in the name of humanism - what could be more logical?

The fact that Britain and some other countries have actively supported the aggression against a sovereign state, too, is not surprising. They would themselves were so, if they could, but in any case convinced that as long as the United States - their leader, they were not in danger. Actually, that's why they are so nervous after the election of Donald Trump, who had promised to leave the NATO countries without a free American "umbrella". And why so wildly happy now, when it became clear that to fulfill their campaign promises forty-fifth president is not able to.

Surprisingly different. The UN Secretariat has refused to give any assessment of the legality of the US attack on the air base in Syria. The official representative of the secretary general of the organization Stephan Dyuzharrik but stressed that the United Nations on the Syrian settlement of the position of any chemical attack in Idlib or US strike had no effect. "Our position has not changed. It consists in the fact that we need to continue political dialogue in Geneva. As we said before, the future of Syria must determine himself the Syrian people ", - he explained.

Responding to approval by the US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Heyli, who assured that the world can not be in Syria until Assad is in power, Dyuzharrik also called on to solve the problem of conservation in the power of the president at the Geneva talks.

On the one hand, it is encouraging that the United Nations remains committed to the principles of a negotiated solution to the Syrian problem and emphasizes logical for any country's claim that its future should identify the people, not overseas cruise missiles.

On the other - the refusal to assess the legality of obviously illegal (even in the case if Assad really used chemical weapons) American strike on Syria - is, in fact, recognized by the UN that international law is a fiction. Only works right of the strongest.

Furthermore. The destruction of the Syrian chemical weapons have been officially confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), created with the participation of the United Nations and operated under its supervision. US statements and their satellites that Assad allegedly remains nuclear weapons, which for some reason he applied in Idlib, - it is a direct blow to the reputation of the OPCW, and therefore the United Nations as a whole.

Therefore, the absence of a direct and clearly expressed the position of the Secretariat of the United Nations concerning the American aggression on the basis of false accusations - it is, in fact, the failure to resist cuts in the next role of the UN in maintaining peace on the planet.

It should be noted that Russia continues to believe that important decisions relating to international security, can and should be taken only after full discussion in the United Nations and the adoption of a joint decision.

This once again Vladimir Putin said after a meeting with his Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella: "We have information from different sources that such provocations, but in another way I can not name, are prepared and in other regions of Syria, including in the southern suburbs of Damascus, where going to throw back some substance and blame its application Syrian official authorities ", - he said.

For its part, Moscow intends to seek from the UN agencies thorough investigation of the incident with chemical weapons in Idlib. "We believe that any manifestation of this kind is worthy to be thoroughly investigated. We are going to submit a formal request to the appropriate structure of a United Nations United Nations in The Hague and to urge the international community to investigate thoroughly these manifestations "- quoted Putin as saying" Interfax ".

The President also reminded about the situation 2003, when Kolin Pauell at the UN show a tube with alleged Iraqi chemical weapons:

"We discussed this with Mr. President, and I said that it reminds me a lot events 2003, when representatives of the United States in the Security Council showed the alleged chemical weapons found in Iraq. After this, the campaign in Iraq, the military, and it was over the destruction of the country, the growth of the terrorist threat and the emergence of the IG * on the international stage. "

That is Putin, unlike Trump, does not offer a word for Syria or Russia. He simply reminds us that the United States had once caught in a lie, associated with a prohibited weapon, and offers a carefully investigate new allegations - that then was not ashamed of the politicians who are now flying from the capital to the capital and shout "maniac Assad" that "poisons own people".

However, something tells us it is a shame they do not happen.

Anglo-American initiative to introduce new sanctions against Russia because Syria has reportedly failed. Still believe every word in international politics have long ceased - required evidence.

Thorough investigation of the chemical attack in Idlib in the interests of all UN members and the organization as a whole. If the United States will oppose and say something like, "and so everything is clear", it will testify in favor of the fact that the truth about the death of "beautiful babies" (quoted from Trump) they do not care.

Therefore, I would like to hear from UN officials that something more specific than the duty statement of commitment to the Geneva talks.

Chemical attack - is a crime against humanity. The culprits must be found. US Attack on Syria - an aggression against a sovereign state, and such a determination should be made at least at the UN, even if subsequently Washington vetoed it.

As long as the law of the strongest will replace international law, neither of which stability in the world will not be able to speak.

A source: LOOK

Author: Anton Krylov

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