Today: August 21 2018
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Refugees began to come to Cyprus more often

Refugees began to come to Cyprus more often

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The number of illegal immigrants to Cyprus for the first 9 months of 2017 increased by 137%, according to the International Migration Organization (IOM).

Since the beginning of the year, 818 refugees have arrived in Cyprus. In the same period last year - 345.

According to the organization, 140 thousand refugees came to Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Spain. 75% of them chose Italy as the final destination of their route. 25% divided between Greece, Cyprus and Spain.

The flow of refugees to Italy, meanwhile, declined compared to last year - from 144 thousand to 107 thousand people. And Greece fell sharply - from 167 thousand to 20 thousand refugees. In addition to Cyprus, the increase in the number of refugees affected Spain - 12 thousand in January-September this year against 5 thousand last year.

Many refugees have not reached the country of their dreams. 2,7 thousand refugees drowned in the sea. This is a lot, but last year was even more - 3,6 thousand. The largest number of deaths occurred in the region between Libya and Italy.

In addition to the refugees from Syria, there was an increase in illegal immigrants from Tunisia. 1,4 thousand people against 315 last year.

Gleb Nekrasov
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