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Blessed Matrona of Moscow

Blessed Matrona of Moscow

Tags: Religion, Christianity

Days of Remembrance: 23 February (Acquisition of the Relics), 19 April, 20 August (Moscow), 22 September (Tul.)

The blessed Matrona (Matrona Dimitriyevna Nikonova) was born in 1885 in the village of Sebino in the Epiphany district (now the Kimovsk district) of the Tula province. The village is located about 20 kilometers from the famous Kulikovo field. Her parents - Dimitry and Natalia, the peasants - were pious people, honestly worked, lived poorly. The family had four children: two brothers - Ivan and Michael, and two sisters - Maria and Matrona. The matron was the youngest. When she was born, her parents were no longer young.

At that need, in which the Nikonovs lived, the fourth child could first become an extra mouth. Therefore, because of poverty, even before the birth of the last child, the mother decided to get rid of it. There was no question of killing an infant in the mother's womb in a patriarchal peasant family. But there were many shelters, where illegitimate and unsecured children were brought up for public account or for charity.

Mother Matrona decided to give the future child to the shelter of Prince Golitsyn to the neighboring village of Buchalki, but saw a prophetic dream. An unborn daughter appeared to Natalia in a dream in the form of a white bird with a human face and closed eyes and sat on her right hand. Taking the dream for a sign, the God-fearing woman refused to give up the child to the shelter. The daughter was born blind, but the mother loved her "unfortunate child."

The Holy Scriptures testify that the All-knowing God sometimes pre-elects ministers to Himself before their birth. Thus, the Lord says to the holy prophet Jeremiah: "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you left the womb, I sanctified you" (Jer. 1, 5). The Lord, having chosen the Matron for special service, from the very beginning laid on her a heavy cross, which she carried with resignation and patience all her life.

At the baptism the girl was named Matrona in honor of the Monk Matrona of Constantinople, a Greek ascetic of the 5th century, whose memory is celebrated 9 (22) November.

The girl's God-chosenness was evidenced by the fact that at the baptism, when the priest put the child in the font, the present saw above the infant a column of fragrant light smoke. This was told by a relative of the blessed Pavel Ivanovich Prokhorov, who was present at the baptism. The priest, Father Basil, whom the parishioners worshiped as a righteous man and blessed, was incredibly surprised: "I have baptized a lot, but this is the first time I see this baby will be holy." Father Vasily also told Natalia: "If a girl asks for something, you must contact me directly, go and say straight what you need."

He added that Matrona would take his place and predict even his death. So afterwards it happened. One night Matronushka suddenly told her mother that Father Basil had died. Surprised and frightened parents ran to the priest's house. When they came, it turned out that he had really just passed away.

They also tell about the external, physical sign of God's chosenness of the baby - on the girl's chest there was a bulge in the form of a cross, a man-made cross. Later, when she was about six years old, her mother somehow began to scold her: "Why are you taking off the cross from yourself?" "Mommy, I have my cross on my chest," - answered the girl. "My dear daughter," Natalia realized, "forgive me!" But I scold you all ... "

Natalia's friend later told me that when Matron was still a baby, the mother complained: "What should I do? The girl does not take breasts on Wednesday and Friday, she sleeps these days, she can not be awakened. "

The matron was not just blind, she had no eyes at all. The eye cavities closed tightly closed eyelids, like the white bird that her mother saw in her sleep. But the Lord gave her spiritual sight. Even in infancy at night, when her parents were asleep, she made her way to the holy corner, in some incomprehensible way, she took pictures of the icon from the shelf, put them on the table and played with them in the silence of the night.

Matronushka was often teased by the children, even mocked at her: the girls were stinging nettles, knowing that she would not see who was hurting her. They put her in a hole and watched with curiosity as she felt her way out and went home.

From the age of seven to eight, Matronushka was given the gift of predicting and healing the sick.

The Nikonovs' house was located near the Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God. The temple is beautiful, one to seven or eight surrounding villages. The Matrona's parents were profoundly pious and loved to attend divine services together. Matronushka literally grew up in the temple, went to the service first with her mother, then one, at every opportunity. Not knowing where the daughter was, the mother usually found her in the church. She had her usual place - on the left, behind the front door, by the western wall, where she stood motionless during the service. She knew church songs well and often sang along with the chorister. Apparently, as a child, Matrona received the gift of incessant prayer.

When her mother, regretting her, said to Matronushka: "My poor child you are!" - she was surprised: "Am I unhappy? You have a miserable Vanya and Misha. " She understood that she was given much more from God than to others.

The gift of spiritual reasoning, foresight, miracles and healing of the Matron was celebrated by God from an early age. Close people began to notice that not only human sins, crimes, but also thoughts are known to her. She felt the approach of danger, foresaw spontaneous and social disasters. By her prayer, people received healing from sickness and comfort in grief. Visitors began to go to it and go. People came to the Nikonov hut, carts, carts with sick people from neighboring villages and villages, from all over the county, from other counties and even provinces. They brought bedridden patients, whom the girl raised to her feet. Wishing to thank Matron, they left her parents with food and gifts. So the girl, instead of becoming a burden for the family, became her main nurse.

Parents Matrons loved to go to the temple together. One day Matrona's mother dresses and calls her husband with her. But he refused and did not go. At home he read prayers, sang. Matrona was also at home. Mother, while in the temple, was still thinking about her husband: "Now, I did not go." And everything was worried. The Liturgy ended, Natalia came home, and Matrona said to her: "You, Mama, were not in the temple." "How was not? I just came and now I undress! "And the girl notices:" Here the father was in the temple, but you were not there. "With spiritual sight she saw that the mother was only physically in the temple.

One autumn Matronushka was sitting on a mound. Mother says to her: "Why are you sitting, it's cold, go to the hut". Matrona replies: "I can not sit at home, fire is substituted for me, they prick me with pitchforks." Mother is perplexed: "There is no one there." And Matrona explains to her: "You, mother, do not understand, Satan tempts me!"

Once Matrona says to her mother: "Mom, get ready, I will soon have a wedding." Mother told the priest, he came, communicated the girl (he always communicated her at home at her request). And suddenly a few days later the wagons go to the Nikonovs' house, people go with their troubles and sorrows, they bring the sick and somehow everyone asks Matronushka. She read prayers over them and healed a great many. Mother asks: "Matryushenka, what is it?" And she replies: "I told you that there will be a wedding."

Xenia Ivanovna Sifarova, a relative of the brother of the blessed Matrona, told how once Matrona told her mother: "I'll leave now, and tomorrow there will be a fire, but you will not burn." And indeed, in the morning a fire started, almost the whole village was burnt, then the wind threw fire on the other side of the village, and the mother's house remained intact.

In adolescence, she had the opportunity to travel. The daughter of a local landowner, a pious and kind girl, Lydia Yan'kova, took Matrona with her on pilgrimage: to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, to St. Petersburg, other cities and holy places of Russia. We have heard a story about the meeting of Matronushka with the holy righteous John of Kronstadt, who, after completing his service at the St. Andrew's Cathedral in Kronstadt, asked the people to part ways before the matron, who was approaching to the 14-summer matron, and loudly said: "Matronushka, come to me. Here comes my shift - the eighth pillar of Russia. " The mother did not explain the meaning of these words, but her family guessed that Father John foresaw the special ministry of Matronushka of Russia and the Russian people during the persecutions of the Church.

A little time passed, and in the seventeenth year Matron lost the opportunity to walk: her legs were suddenly cut off. Mother herself pointed to the spiritual cause of the illness. She walked through the church after the sacrament and knew that a woman would approach her, which would take her ability to walk. And it happened. "I did not avoid this - this was the will of God."

Until the end of her days she was "sedentary." And her sitting - in different houses and apartments, where she found shelter - continued for another fifty years. She never grumbled because of her illness, but humbly carried this heavy cross given to her by God.

Even at an early age, Matron predicted the revolution as "they will plunder, ruin temples and drive everybody out." Figuratively, she showed how the land would be divided, the allotments would be greedily grabbed, only to seize the superfluous, and then everyone would abandon the land and flee to wherever. No one will need the land.

The landowner from their village, Sebino Yankov, Matron advised before the revolution to sell everything and go abroad. If he listened to the blessed one, he would not see the plundering of his estate and escaped early, premature death, and his daughter - wandering.

The matron of the Matrona, Evgenia Ivanovna Kalachkova, told that before the revolution a lady bought a house in Sebino, came to Matrona and said: "I want to build a bell tower." "What are you planning to do, it will not come true," Matrona replies. The lady was surprised: "How will it not come to pass, when everything I have is money and materials?" So nothing happened with the construction of the bell tower.

For the Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God, at the insistence of Matrona (who had already gained fame in the district and whose request was perceived as a blessing), the icon of the Mother of God "The Execution of the Dead" was painted. Here's how it happened.

Once Matrona asked the mother to tell the priest that in his library, in such and such a row, there is a book with the image of the icon "The Execution of the Dead." Father was very surprised. Found an icon, and Matronushka said: "Mom, I will write such an icon." Mother was sad - what to pay for it? Then Matrona says to her mother:

"Mom, I dream about the icon" The search for the dead. " Our Lady of God is asking us to go to church. " Matronushka blessed women to collect money for the icon in all the villages. Among the other donors, one man gave the ruble reluctantly, and his brother - one penny for a laugh. When the money was brought to Matronushka, she touched them, found this ruble and a penny and told her mother: "Mom, give them, they all spoil my money".

When they collected the necessary amount, they ordered the icon from Epifani. His name remained unknown. Matrona asked him if he could write such an icon. He replied that for him this business is familiar. Matron ordered him to repent of his sins, confess and receive Holy Communion of Christ. Then she asked: "Do you know for sure that you will write this icon?" The artist replied in the affirmative and began to write. A long time passed, he finally came to Matron and said that he did not succeed. And she answers him: "Go, repent of your sins" (she saw with spiritual eyes that there is still a sin that he did not confess). He was shocked how she knew it. Then he went again to the priest, repented, again took communion, asked Matrona for forgiveness. She told him: "Go, now you will write an icon of the Queen of Heaven."

On the money collected by the villages with the blessing of Matrona was ordered in Bogoroditsk and another icon of the Mother of God "The search for the dead."

When she was ready, she was baptized with the banners from Bogoroditsk to the church in Sebino. Matrona went to meet the icon for four kilometers, she was led by the arms. Suddenly she said: "Do not go any further, now soon, they are already coming, they are close." Blind from birth spoke as seeing: "In half an hour they will come, they will bring an icon." Indeed, in half an hour the procession appeared. A moleben was served, and the procession went to Sebino. Matrona then held on to the icon, then she was led by the arms next to her. This image of the Mother of God "The Execution of the Lost" became the main local shrine and was famous for many miracles. When there was a drought, he was taken to a meadow in the middle of the village and served as a prayer. After him, people did not have time to reach their homes, as it began to rain.

Throughout his life, the blessed Matron was surrounded by icons. In the room where she lived afterwards especially long, there were as many as three red corners, and in them - icons from top to bottom, with lamps burning before them. One woman who worked in the Temple of the Deposition in Moscow often went to Matrona and later recalled how she said to her: "I know all the icons in your church where it is."

Surprised by the people and the fact that Matrona had and usual, as well as sighted people, the idea of ​​the world around. On the sympathetic appeal of a person close to her, Zinaida Vladimirovna Zhdanova: "It's a pity, my mother, that you do not see the beauty of the world!" - she somehow replied: "God once opened my eyes and showed my world and creation. And the sun saw, and the stars in the sky and everything on earth, the beauty of the earth: mountains, rivers, green grass, flowers, birds ... "

But there is an even more astonishing testimony to the sagacity of the blessed. 3. V.Zhdanova remembers: "My mother was completely illiterate, but she knew everything. In 1946, I was supposed to defend the diploma project "Ministry of the Navy" (I was studying at an architectural institute in Moscow then). My head, it is not clear why, kept following me all the time. For five months he never consulted me, deciding to "fill up" my diploma. Two weeks before the defense, he announced to me: "Tomorrow the commission will come and confirm the failure of your work!" I came home all in tears: my father was in prison, there was no one to help, my mother was dependent on me, one hope was to protect and work.

My mother listened to me and said: "Nothing, nothing, defend yourself! We'll have tea in the evening! "I barely waited until evening, and my mother said:" Let's go with you to Italy, Florence, Rome, see the works of great masters ... "And began to list the streets, buildings! She stopped: "Here is Palazzo Pitti, here is another palace with arches, do the same as there - the three lower floors of the building are a large masonry and two arches of entry." I was shocked by her knowledge. In the morning I ran to the institute, applied a tracing paper to the project and made all the corrections with brown ink. At ten o'clock the commission arrived. They looked at my project and said: "Why, because the project has turned out, it looks great - defend yourself!"

Many people came for help to Matrona. At four kilometers from Sebino lived a man who did not have legs. The matron said: "Let it come to me in the morning, crawl. He crawls to three o'clock, crawls. " He crawled these four kilometers, and from it went on his feet, healed.

Once, to the Matron on the Easter week came the women from the village of Orlovka. The matron accepted, sitting by the window. One she gave a prosphora, another - water, a third - a red egg and told her to eat this egg when she went out of the garden to the threshing floor. This woman put the egg in her bosom, and they went. When they went out beyond the threshing floor, the woman, as Matrona had told her, broke the egg, and there - the mouse. They got scared and decided to come back. We went to the window, and Matrona says: "What's wrong with that, there's a mouse?" "Matronushka, well, how is he?" "And how did you sell people to milk, especially to orphans, widows, poor who do not have Cows? The mouse was in milk, you pulled it out, and gave milk to people. " The woman says: "Matronushka, but they did not see the mouse and did not know, I threw it out from there." "And God knows that you sold milk from a mouse!"

Many people came to the Matron with their illnesses and sorrows. Having an introduction before God, she helped many.

A.F. Vybornova, whose father was baptized together with Matrona, tells the details of one of these healings. "My mother came from the village of Ustye, and there she had a brother. Once he gets up - neither arms nor legs move, they become like whips. And he did not believe in the healing abilities of Matrona. A daughter of her brother went to the village of Sebino to go to the village of Sebino: "Godmother, we'll go faster with my father badly, become as stupid: I lowered my hands, my eyes do not look, my tongue barely moves." Then my mother harnessed the horse and she and her father went to the mouth. We came to my brother, and he looked at my mother and barely uttered a "sister". She collected her brother and brought her to our village. Left him at home, and she went to Matryusha to ask if it was possible to bring him. Comes, and Matryusha says to her: "Well, your brother said that I can not do anything, but I myself became like a wattle fence." And she had not seen him yet! Then she said: "Lead him to me, I will help." I read it over him, gave him water, and a dream fell upon him. He fell asleep like a dead man and rose quite healthy in the morning. "Thank your sister, her faith has healed you," Matrona said to her brother. "

The help Matrona gave to the sick, not only had nothing to do with conspiracies, fortune-telling, so-called folk healing, extrasensory, magic and other sorcerous actions, in which the "healer" is connected with a dark force, but had a fundamentally different, Christian nature. That's why sorcerers and various occultists hated the Matron so righteous, as evidenced by people who knew her closely during the Moscow period of life. First of all Matron prayed for people. Being a God's servant, richly endowed with spiritual gifts, she asked for wonderful help from the Lord. The history of the Orthodox Church knows many examples when not only priests or ascetic monks, but also the righteous living in the world, prayed for those who need help in prayer.

Matrona read the prayer over the water and gave it to those who came to her. Drinking water and sprinkled it, got rid of various misfortunes. The content of these prayers is unknown, but, of course, there could be no question of sanctifying water according to the order established by the Church, to which only clergymen have a canonical right. But it is also known that not only holy water has beneficial healing properties, but also the water of some reservoirs, springs, wells, marked by the stay and prayer life of holy people close to them, the phenomenon of miraculous icons.

In 1925, Matrona moves to Moscow, where she will live until the end of her days. In this huge metropolitan city there were many unhappy, lost, fallen away from the faith, spiritually ill people with poisoned consciousness. Living about three decades in Moscow, she did that spiritual and prayerful service, which many averted from death and led to salvation.

Moscow blessed loved very much, said that "this is a holy city, the heart of Russia." Both brothers Matrona, Mikhail and Ivan, joined the party, Mikhail became a rural activist. It is clear that the presence in their house of the blessed, which the people accepted all day long, taught in practice and by example to keep the Orthodox faith, became unbearable for the brothers. They were afraid of reprisals. Pitying them, as well as the elderly parents (mother Matrona died in 1945 year), my mother moved to Moscow. Wanderings began on relatives and acquaintances, on small houses, apartments, cellars. Almost everywhere, the Matron lived without a residence permit, several times by a miracle escaped arrest. Together with her, novices lived and tended to her-walkers.

This was a new period of her ascetic life. She becomes a homeless stranger. Sometimes she had to live with people who were hostile to her. With housing in Moscow it was difficult, it was not necessary to choose.

Z. Zhdanova told me what deprivations sometimes had to endure blessed: "I came to Sokolniki, where my mother often lived in a small plywood house, given to her for a while. It was a deep autumn. I went into the house, and in the house - a thick, damp and dank steam, an iron stove-burzhuyka was heated. I went up to my mother, and she lies on the bed facing the wall, she can not turn to me, her hair is frozen to the wall, barely tore off. I said in horror: "Mother, how can this be? You know that we live together with my mother, my brother at the front, my father in prison, and what's wrong with him, and we have two rooms in a warm house, forty-eight square meters, a separate entrance; why did not you ask for us? "Mother sighed heavily and said:" God did not tell you not to regret later. "

Matron lived before the war on Ulyanovskaya Street with the priest Vasily, the husband of her novice Pelagia, while he was at large. She lived on Pyatnitskaya Street, in Sokolniki (in a summer plywood building), in Vishnyakovskiy Lane (in the cellar of her niece), she also lived at the Nikitsky Gate, in Petrovsky-Razumovsky, and stayed with her nephew in Sergiev Posad (Zagorsk), in Tsaritsyno. The longest (from 1942 to 1949 year), she lived on the Arbat, in Starokonyushenny Lane. Here in an ancient wooden mansion, in the 48-meter room, lived a fellow villager Matrona, EM Zhdanova with her daughter Zinaida. It was in this room that the icons occupied the three corners, from top to bottom. Before the icons hung old lamps, on the windows - heavy expensive curtains (before the revolution the house belonged to Zhdanova's husband, who came from a rich and noble family).

It is said that Matron left some places hurriedly, foreseeing the preparations for trouble, always on the eve of the arrival of the militia, since she lived without a residence permit. Times were heavy, and people were afraid to register it. In this way she saved not only herself from repression, but also those who hosted her.

Many times the Matron wanted to arrest him. Many of her neighbors were arrested and imprisoned (or exiled). Zinaida Zhdanova was convicted as a member of the church-monarchist group.

Xenia Ivanovna Sifarova said that Matron's nephew Ivan lived in Zagorsk. And suddenly she mentally summons him to herself. He came to his boss and said: "I want to take your leave, I really can not, I have to go to my aunt." He arrived without knowing what was going on. And Matrona says to him: "Come on, come on, take me to Zagorsk, to my mother-in-law soon." Only they left, as the police came. Many times it was like this: they only want to arrest her, and she leaves on the eve.

Anna Filippovna Vybornova remembers this case. Once the policeman came to take the Matron, and she said to him: "Go, go quickly, you have a misfortune in the house! And the blind from you will not go anywhere, I'm sitting on the bed, I do not go anywhere. " He obeyed. I went home, but his wife got burnt from kerosene gas. But he managed to get her to the hospital. He comes to work the next day, and he is asked: "Well, did you take the blind one?" And he replies: "I will never take a blind one. If the blind did not tell me, I would have lost my wife, and so I managed to take her to the hospital all the same. "

While living in Moscow, Matrona was in her village-she would be summoned to her on some business, then she misses her home and her mother.

Outwardly her life flowed monotonously: in the daytime - people reception, at night - prayer. Like the ancient ascetics, she never slept properly, but dozed, lying on her side, on her fist. So the years passed.

Somehow in 1939 or 1940, Matrona said: "Now you are all swearing, divide, but the war is about to begin. Of course, people will die a lot, but our Russian people will win. "

At the beginning of 1941, the cousin 3. V. Zhdanova Olga Noskova asked my mother if she was going on leave (they gave me a ticket, but she did not want to go on vacation in the winter). My mother said: "We must go on vacation now, then there will be no vacations for a long time. There will be war. Victory will be ours. Moscow will not be touched by the enemy, it will only burn a bit. It's not necessary to leave Moscow. "

When the war broke out, my mother asked all those who came to her to bring willow branches. She broke them on wands of the same length, cleared from the bark and prayed. Her neighbors remembered that her fingers were in the wound. Matrona could have been spiritually present in various places, for her spiritual gaze the space did not exist. She often said that she was invisible on the fronts, helping our soldiers. She told everyone that Germans would not enter Tula. Her prophecy was justified.

On the day Matronushka accepted up to forty people. People came with their troubles, mental and physical pain. She did not refuse anyone to help, except for those who came with a sly intention. Some saw in the mother a folk healer who could remove the spoiling or evil eye, but after communicating with her they understood that before them was a man of God, and turned to the Church, to her saving mysteries. Help to her people was disinterested, she did not take anything from anyone.

My mother always prayed loudly. Those who knew her close say that these prayers were known, read in the temple and at home: "Our Father", "May God Rise," the nineteenth psalm, "Lord Almighty, God of Power and All Flesh" (from morning prayers). She stressed that it helps not by herself, but God by her prayers: "What, Matronushka - God, or what? God helps! "- she answers Xenia Gavrilovna Potapova for a request to help her.

Healing the unhealthy, my mother demanded from them faith in God and the correction of sinful life. So, one visitor she asks if she believes that the Lord is able to heal her. Another, who fell ill with falling sickness, orders not to miss a single Sunday service, to confess and receive Holy Communion Secrets on everyone. Living in a civil marriage, she blesses be sure to get married in the Church. Everyone must wear a cross.

With what people came to my mother? With ordinary troubles: an incurable disease, missing, a husband's departure from the family, unhappy love, loss of work, persecution from the authorities ... With everyday needs and questions. Should I marry? Do I change my place of residence or service? There were no less people who were sick and possessed with various ailments: someone suddenly fell sick, someone began to bark for no reason, someone's hands and legs curtailed, some were haunted by hallucinations. In the people of such people are called "spoiled" sorcerers, sorcerers, sorcerers. These are people who, as they say in the people, "made", who were subjected to a special demonic influence.

Once the four men brought the old lady to Matrona. She waved her hands like a windmill. When my mother chastised her, she weakened and was healed.

Praskovya Sergeevna Anosova, who often visited her brother in a psychiatric hospital, recalls: "One day, when we went to see him, a man with his wife was driving with us - to write a daughter from the hospital. Back we again went together. Suddenly this girl (she was 18 years old) began to bark. I tell her mother: "I'm sorry for you, we are passing Tsaritsino, let's get the daughter to Matronushka ..." The girl's father, the general, did not want to hear anything at first, saying that all this is fiction. But his wife insisted, and we went to Matronushka ... And then the girl began to lead to Matronushka, and she became like a stake, her hands like sticks, then she began to spit on Matronushka, broke away. Matrona says: "Leave her, now she will not do anything." The girl was released. She fell, began to beat and whirl around the floor, she began to vomit blood. And then this girl fell asleep and slept for three days. They looked after her. When she woke up and saw her mother, she asked: "Mom, where are we?" She answers: "We, the daughter, are at the perspiring person ..." And she told her everything about her. And from that time the girl was completely healed. "

3. V. Zhdanova says that in 1946, the woman who occupied the high position was brought to their apartment where the Matron lived then. She lost her only son, her husband was killed at the front, she herself, of course, was an atheist. She traveled with her sick son to Europe, but the famous doctors could not help him. "I came to you in despair," she said, "I have nowhere to go." Matrona asked: "If the Lord cures your son, will you believe in God?" The woman said: "I do not know how to believe it." Then Matrona asked for water and, in the presence of her unhappy mother, loudly began to read the prayer over the water. After giving this water to her, the blessed one said: "Go now to Kashchenko (psychiatric hospital in Moscow), arrange with the orderlies to keep it tight when they are taken out. He will fight, and you try to splash this water in his eyes and be sure to get into your mouth. "

Zinaida Vladimirovna remembers: "After a while my brother and I witnessed how this woman again came to Matrona. She thanked mother on her knees, saying that now the son is healthy. And it was so. She came to the hospital and did everything as my mother ordered. There was a hall where, on one side of the barrier, her son was taken out, and she came from the other side. A vial of water was in her pocket. My son fought and shouted: "Mom, throw away what you have in your pocket, do not torment me!" She was amazed: how did he know? She quickly splashed water in his eyes, got into her mouth, suddenly he calmed down, his eyes became clear, and he said: "How good!" Soon he was discharged. "

Often Matrona put her hands on her head and said: "He, he, I'll cut your wings now, fight, drive for now!" "Who are you?" - he asks, but in a man suddenly buzzes. My mother will say again: "Who are you?" - and even more buzzing, and then she will pray and say: "Well, the mosquito has fought, now it's enough!" And the man leaves the healed.

She helped Matron and those who did not get along well with family life. Once a woman came to her and told her that she was not married for love, and she does not live well with her husband. Matrona replies to her: "And who is to blame? You are to blame. Because our Lord is the head, and the Lord in the male image, and we, the women, should obey the man, you must retain the crown until the end of your life. You are to blame for living badly with him ... "This woman listened to the blessed one, and her family life was fine.

"Mother Matrona fought for her life for every soul that came to her," Zinaida Zhdanova remembers, "and she won. She never lamented, did not complain about the difficulties of her exploit. I can not forgive myself that I have never regretted Mother, although I saw how difficult it was for her, how she was rooting for each of us. The light of those days keeps warming up to now. In the house before the images, the lamps burned, the love of my mother and her silence enveloped the soul. In the house there were holiness, joy, peace, blissful warmth. There was a war, and we lived like in the sky. "

What was Matron remembered by his close people? With miniature, like children's, short pens and legs. Seated, crossed legs, on a bed or chest. Fluffy hair on a straight part. Strongly closed eyelids. A kind, bright face. A tender voice.

She consoled, calmed the sick, stroked them on the head, overshadowed the sign of the cross, sometimes joked, sometimes severely denounced and instructed. She was not strict, was tolerant of human infirmities, compassionate, warm, sympathetic, always joyful, never complained about her illnesses and sufferings. My mother did not preach, did not teach. She gave concrete advice on how to deal with this or that situation, prayed and blessed.

She was generally laconic, briefly answered questions. Remained some of her general instructions.

My mother taught me not to condemn my neighbors. She said: "Why should we condemn other people? Think about yourself more often. Each sheep will be suspended for its tail. What do you need for other tails? "The matron taught to betray herself to the will of God. Live with prayer. Often to impose on themselves and surrounding objects the sign of the cross, thus guarding against evil power. She advised me to receive Holy Communion Secrets more often. "Protect yourself with the cross, prayer, holy water, frequent communion ... Before the icons let the lamps burn".

I also taught to love and forgive the old and the weak. "If there is anything unpleasant or offensive to you to say to the old, sick or who out of the mind survived, then do not listen, but just help them. It is necessary to help the sick with all zeal and forgive them, whatever they say and do. "

Matronushka did not allow to attach importance to dreams: "Do not pay attention to them, dreams come from the evil one - to upset the person, to entangle oneself in thoughts".

Matrona warned not to run around the confessor in search of "elders" or "seers". Running on different fathers, she said, you can lose spiritual strength and the right direction of life.

Here are her words: "The world lies in evil and delights, and the charm - the delusion of dusk - will be clear, beware." "If you go to an elder or a priest for advice, pray that the Lord has managed to give him the right advice." I learned not to be interested in the priests and their lives. Those who wish Christian perfection advised not to stand out among people (black clothes, etc.). She taught the patience of sorrows. 3. V. Zhdanova, she said: "Go to the temple and do not look at anyone, pray with your eyes closed or look at some image, icon." Similar instruction is also found in the Monk Seraphim of Sarov and other holy fathers. In general, in the instructions of Matrona there was nothing that went against the patristic teaching.

My mother said that painting, that is, using decorative cosmetics - a big sin: a person spoils and distorts the image of the nature of man, supplements what the Lord did not give, creates fake beauty, this leads to corruption.

About the girls who believed in God, Matrona said: "You, the girls, God will forgive everything if you are committed to God. Who does not condemn himself to not marry, she must keep to the end. The Lord will give a crown for this. "

Matronushka said: "The enemy is approaching - it is necessary to pray. Sudden death happens if you live without prayer. The enemy on our left shoulder is sitting, and on the right is an angel, and each has his own book: one records our sins, the other - good deeds. Get baptized more often! The cross is the same lock as on the door. " She instructed me not to forget to baptize food. "By the power of the Honorable and Life-giving Cross, be saved and protected!"

About the sorcerers, my mother said: "For someone who voluntarily entered into an alliance with the power of evil, he started witchcraft, there is no way out. You can not contact grandmothers, they will cure one thing, but damage your soul. "

My mother often told relatives that she was fighting wizards, with evil power, invisibly fighting with them. One day a nice old man came to her, with a beard, sedate, fell down on his knees before her in tears and said: "My only son is dying." And my mother leaned toward him and quietly asked: "And how did you do it? To death or not? "He replied:" To death. " And my mother says: "Go, go from me, there is no need for you to come to me." After he left, she said: "The sorcerers of God know! If you prayed like they do when you pray God for forgiveness for your evil! "

My mother revered the late priest Valentine Amfiteatrov. She said that he is great before God and that he helps the suffering people on his grave, sending some of his visitors for the sand from his grave.

The mass separation of people from the Church, the militant battle against God, the growing alienation and malice between people, the rejection of the millions of traditional faith and the sinful life without repentance led many to severe spiritual consequences. Matrona understood this well and felt it.

On the days of the demonstration, my mother asked everyone not to go out, close windows, windows, doors - hordes of demons occupy all the space, all the air and cover all people. (Perhaps the blessed Matron, who often spoke in allegorical terms, wanted to remind us of the need to keep the "window of the soul" closed from the spirits of the wickedness - as the holy fathers call human feelings.)

3. V. Zhdanova asked the mother: "How did the Lord allow so many churches to close and destroy?" (She meant years after the revolution.) And my mother answered: "This is the will of God, the number of churches is reduced because there will be few believers and will serve there is nobody. " "Why does not anyone fight?" She: "The people under hypnosis, it's not your own, the terrible force came into effect ... This force exists in the air, penetrates everywhere. Previously, swamps and dense forests were the habitat of this force, because people went to temples, wore a cross and houses were protected by images, lamps and sanctification. Demons flew past such houses, and now demons are populated and people by their unbelief and rejection from God. "

Wanting to open the veil over her spiritual life, some curious visitors tried to spy what Matrona does at night. One girl saw that she prayed all night and bowed ...

Living at the Zhdanovs in Starokonyushenny Lane, Matronushka confessed and communed with the priest Dimitri from the church in Krasnaya Presnya. An unceasing prayer helped the blessed Matrona carry the cross of service to people, which was a real feat and martyrdom, the highest manifestation of love. Rejecting the possessed, praying for everyone, sharing the grief of the people, my mother was so tired that by the end of the day she could not even talk to her loved ones and only moaned softly, lying on her fist. The inner, spiritual life of the blessed is still a mystery even for people close to her, remains a mystery to the rest.

Not knowing the spiritual life of my mother, nevertheless people did not doubt her holiness, that she was a true ascetic. Matrona's feat consisted of great patience, coming from a purity of heart and a burning love for God. It is about such patience, which will save Christians in the last times, prophesied the holy fathers of the Church. As a true ascetic, the blessed one taught not by words, but by her whole life. Blind body, she taught and continues to teach true spiritual sight. Unable to walk, she taught and teaches us to follow the difficult path of salvation.

In her memoirs, Zinaida Vladimirovna Zhdanova writes: "Who was Matronushka?" Mother was an embodied angel-warrior, as if the sword of fire was in her hands to fight evil forces. She treated with prayer, water ... She was as small as a child, she lay half-lying on her side, on her fist. And she slept, never really went to bed. When she accepted people, she sat with her legs crossed, two arms stretched right above the head of the one who had come in the air, put fingers on the head of the person in front of her on her knees, cross, tell the main thing what his soul needs, pray.

She lived without having her own corner, property, stock. Who will invite, from that she also lived. She lived on offerings that she herself could not dispose of. Was in obedience with the evil Pelagia, who all disposed and distributed everything that was brought to my mother, her relatives. Without her knowledge, my mother could neither drink nor eat ...

Mother seemed to know all the events in advance. Every day she lived a life - a stream of sorrows and sorrows of people coming. Help the sick, comfort and heal them. There were many healings on her prayers. He will take the head of the weeping with two hands, regret it, warm it with his holiness, and the man goes winged. And she, exhausted, only sighs and prays all night long. She had a hole on her forehead from her fingers, from a frequent sign of the cross. She was baptized slowly, assiduously, her fingers were looking for a hole ... "

During the war, there were many cases when she answered those who had come to their questions-alive or not. Someone will say - alive, wait. Someone - funeral service and commemorate.

It can be assumed that those who sought spiritual counsel and guidance came to the Matrona. About the mother knew many Moscow priests, monks of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. According to the unknown destinies of God, there was not close to the mother of a close observer and a pupil able to lift the veil over her spiritual work and write about it for the edification of her descendants.

Often went to her countrymen from her native places, then from all the surrounding villages she wrote a note, and she answered them. They came to her for two hundred and three hundred kilometers, and she knew the name of the man. There were also Muscovites, and visitors from other cities who heard about the visionary mother. People of different ages: young, old, middle-aged people. Someone she took, but someone not. With some spoke parables, with others - a simple language.

Zinaida somehow complained to my mother: "Mother, nerves ..." And she: "What nerves, because there are no nerves in the war and in prison ... It is necessary to control oneself, to endure."

My mother instructed me that it was necessary to be treated. The body is a house. God given, it must be repaired. God created the world, medicinal herbs, and this can not be neglected.

My mother sympathized with her relatives: "I feel sorry for you, you will live to the end times. Life will be worse and worse. Heavy. The time will come when the cross and bread will be put before you and they will say - choose! "" We will choose a cross, "they answered," but how then can we live? "" And we will pray, take the land, roll balls, pray to God, we will eat and be full! "

Another time, she said, encouraging me in a difficult situation, that there is nothing to be afraid of, no matter how scary. "They bring a child in sledges, and there is no worry! The Lord will do everything himself! "

Matronushka often repeated: "If a people loses faith in God, then it catches disaster, and if it does not repent, it perishes and disappears from the face of the earth. How many peoples disappeared, and Russia existed and will exist. Pray, ask, repent! The Lord will not leave you and will save our land! "

The last earthly shelter Matronushka found at the Moscow subway station Skhodnya (Kurgannaya Street, house 23), where she settled with a distant relative, leaving the room in Starokonyushenny Lane. And here too the visitors were streaming and carrying their griefs. Only before her death, my mother, already quite weak, limited the reception. But people still went, and some she could not refuse to help. They say that the time of her death was revealed to her by the Lord in three days, and she made all the necessary orders. My mother asked her to sing in the Church of the Deposition. (At that time the priest Nikolai Golubtsov, who was loved by the parishioners, served there.) He did not order to bring funeral wreaths and plastic flowers to the funeral.

Until the last days of her life she confessed and communed with the priests who came to her. In her humility, she, like ordinary sinful people, was afraid of death and did not hide her fear from relatives. Before her death came to confess the priest, Father Dimitri, she was very worried whether she had folded the pens properly. Father asks: "Are you really afraid of death?" "I'm afraid."

2 May 1952 year she rested. 3 May, at the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, a memorial service was given for the rest of the newly-blessed Matrona. Among the many others, she attracted the attention of an employee of the hieromonk. "Who submitted the note? He asked excitedly. "What, she died?" (Many of the residents of the monastery knew and revered the Matron.) The old woman and her daughter who came from Moscow confirmed: the day before my mother passed away, and tonight the coffin with the body will be placed in the Moscow church of the Deposition on Donskoy Street. So the Lavra monks learned about the death of Matrona and could come to her burial. After the funeral, which was performed by Father Nikolai Golubtsov, all those present approached and applied to her hands.

4 May in the Week of the Myrrh-Bearers, with a large crowd of people, the funeral of the blessed Matrona took place. At her request, she was buried at the Danilovsky cemetery in order to "hear service" (there was one of the few active Moscow churches). The burial and burial of the blessed was the beginning of her glorification among the people as God's servant.

Blessed predicted: "After my death, my people will not be enough to go to my grave, only close ones, and when they die, my grave will emptise, who will occasionally come ... But in many years people will know about me and will go to crowds for help in their sorrows and with requests to pray for them to the Lord God, and I will help everyone and everyone will hear. "

Even before her death, she said: "Everybody, all come to me and tell me how alive, about my sorrows, I will see you, and hear, and help you." And my mother said that all those who trust themselves and the life of their intercession with the Lord will be saved. "Anyone who asks me for help, I will meet at their death, everyone."

More than thirty years after the death of her mother, her grave at the Danilovsky cemetery became one of the holy places of Orthodox Moscow, where people from all parts of Russia and from abroad came with their troubles and illnesses.

Blessed Matron was an Orthodox person in the deep, traditional meaning of the word. Compassion for people, coming from the fullness of the loving heart, prayer, the sign of the cross, faithfulness to the holy statutes of the Orthodox Church - that was the focus of her intense spiritual life. The nature of her feat is rooted in centuries-old traditions of popular piety. Therefore, the help that people receive, prayerfully addressing the righteous, brings spiritual fruits: people are affirmed in the Orthodox faith, are vercerized externally and internally, are attached to daily prayer life.

Matron knows tens of thousands of Orthodox people. Matronushka - so affectionately called it many. She - just as in her earthly life, helps people. This is felt by all those who, with faith and love, ask her for intercession and intercession before the Lord, to whom the blessed old lady has great boldness.

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