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23.01.2014 - 21: 01

BoC may be excluded from the list of the Cyprus Stock Exchange

Chairman of the Committee on the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) Dimitra Kalogiri said yesterday that the BoC may be excluded from the list of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE), if not already present in the near future a detailed prospectus of the forthcoming issue.

According Kalogiri, the deadline for this - 31 of January. She stated this at a press conference in Nicosia. Kalogiri recalled that the BoC has absorbed Laiki, taking on its bad loans, because of which the shares of the bank did not participate in the bidding for the last nine months, and noted that the exclusion of the largest credit institution institution Islands (from the stock exchange) - not the best solution. "We want to stabilize the bank, as soon as possible, as stated by the Minister of Finance and also (Haris Georgiadis)," she assured. Officials of the Commission set up a meeting with the leadership of BoC on Friday, while Kalogiri noted that there might be a delay. Due to the fact that the shares of the bank for a long time is not traded, the register of shareholders, details of which are at the Commission, includes only the old shareholders of the credit institution.

New avenue to include any new information regarding the new activities and projects of the bank, as well as the latest reports. According to the latest data released by the bank in the first nine months 2013 year, the bank made a net loss 1,94 billion euros. And 2014 year also will not be easy.

Updated prospectus should give a clear picture of the prospects of the bank and the possible risks for investors, stressed Kalogiri. In total, the 2013 10 companies were excluded from the Stock Exchange due to failure to comply with CSE, she added.

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