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God is the Creator of the world of the invisible and visible

God is the Creator of the world of the invisible and visible

Tags: Religion, Christianity

If the world has a beginning and is created, then ask ourselves: Who gave him the beginning and Who is his Creator? But in order that, seeking this through human reasoning, you should not deviate from the truth, Moses preached you with his teaching, instead of printing and protecting our souls, imposing the venerable name of God when he said: "In the beginning God created ..." (Gen. 1, 1). This blissful Nature, this unfading Goodness, this Beauty beloved and multi-purpose for any gifted mind, this unassailable Wisdom - this is Who created the heaven and the earth in the beginning! St. Basil the Great (4, 6).

As soon as the Good and Good God did not content himself with contemplating Himself, but in the overflow of Goodness he desired that something should happen that in the future He would benefit from His goodness and His Goodness was involved, He leads from non-being into being and creates everything without withdrawal - as invisible, and visible, as well as a person composed of the visible and the invisible. He does, thinking, and this thought, supplemented by the Word and completed by the Spirit, becomes a matter. The Monk John of Damascus. Exact statement of the Orthodox faith. St. Petersburg, 1894, p. 44.

The Highest Artist God is in everything that should have been done, using His almighty power, that is, the Son, for "through Him all things were made, and without Him nothing was made" (John 1, 3), at the beginning and before He created the heavens and the earth, and called for existence, although they never existed. If, perhaps, someone asks how and from where, he will hear from us the following wise and truly excellent word: "Who knew the mind of the Lord?" Or who was his counselor? "(Rom., 11, 34).

... In each of the created works the Sinner was the Word, and the mere appearance of Him gave existence to all. St. Cyril of Alexandria. Creations, part 4, M., 1886, p. 9-11.

First of all, believe that there is one God, all who created, who brought everything from nothing into being. He is all embracing. Itself is immense, and can not be a word defined, nor a mind comprehended. Shepherd of Germany. Monuments of ancient Christian writing in Russian translation, t. 1, M., 1860, p. 254.

... The Creator created one whole world, so that the dispensation of many worlds did not lead to the thought of many Creators. Since the creation is one, we believe that the Creator is one. Sainted Athanasius the Great. Creations, part 1, M., 1851, p. 65.

Because the Egyptians have deified the visible creature and the Israelites, having lived with them for a long time, became involved in this same impiety, then Moses, if necessary, offers them the doctrine of the creature and clearly teaches that the creature has the beginning of being and that the Creator is the God of all. Blessed Theodoret of Cyrus. Creations, h. 1. M., 1855, p. 7.

... If God is not one eternal and everything else is not from Him, then He is not God. And if the world is co-ordinate with God, therefore, it is equal to Him in being, then it is equal to God both in immutability, and in infinity, and in everything, and hence there is another God. But two eternal and common principles can not be admitted according to the ideas of common sense. Tertullian (Bishop Makarii (Bulgakov).) Orthodox-dogmatic theology, t. 2, St. Petersburg, 1851, pp. 10-11).

God created an invisible and visible world; He also created the soul and the body.

... Some say that creatures from eternity coexisted? With God; but this is impossible. For how can from eternity be reconciled with the Infinite in everything - the beings around are finite and how are they really creatures if they are co-ordinate to the Creator? But so say the Greeks, who introduce God as a Creator not of nature, but of qualities only. We, recognizing God as almighty, say that He is the Creator of not only qualities, but also natures endowed with qualities. If so, the creatures from eternity did not exist with God.

... The all-sufficient God made the creature from nothingness into being, not because he needed anything in any way, but that, insofar as he could perceive, partaking of His bliss, they enjoyed and that He Himself rejoiced in His works, seeing them rejoicing and always insatiable saturating insatiable. The Monk Maximus the Confessor (68, 151, 155, 148).

... The very creation points to the one who created it, the very thing declares the one who produced it, and the world preaches the one who organized it. The whole Church around the world received this tradition from the apostles.

The Creator of the world is the Word of God, and this is our Lord, who in recent times became man and existed in this world, invisibly contains all created things and is implanted in all creation, because the Word of God controls and disposes of everything; And in order that He apparently came to his own, and became flesh, and prostrated himself on a tree to restore everything in Himself. St. Irenaeus of Lyons. Compositions. St. Petersburg, 1900, p. 130-131, 485-486.

Before the world arose, there was only the Living and Infinite God. When the world from non-being was called to being, God, of course, did not become limited, all the fullness of life and boundlessness remained with Him. But this completeness of life and boundlessness was expressed in creatures, living and limited, which are immensely many and all endowed with life. Archpriest John Sergiev, t. 1, M., 1894, p. 282-283.

By the action of God's will created worlds, visible and invisible, created and redeemed man, committed and accomplished all events, public and private, from which shines like the sun from heaven, God's Goodness, God's Almighty, God's Wisdom. Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) (109, 80).

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