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More than thirty people were killed in the wreck of the Russian An-26 in Syria

In Syria, the Russian transport plane An-26 crashed, the Ministry of Defense reported.

According to preliminary data, 26 passengers and six crew members were on board, all of them were killed.

The accident occurred during a landing at the airfield Khmeimim, about 15: 00 Moscow time. The plane collided with the ground, not reaching about five hundred meters before the runway.

According to preliminary information, the cause of the disaster could be a technical malfunction. The department added that, "according to the report from the place, there was no fire impact on the plane." The commission of the Ministry of Defense will study all possible versions of what happened.

Lightweight military transport multipurpose aircraft An-26 is designed for the transport of goods at small and medium distances. Can be used to transport passengers on folding seats along the side at an altitude of up to six thousand meters.

A source: RIA News

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