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Most of the poor in Cyprus are foreigners

Most of the poor in Cyprus are foreigners

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16,1% of Cyprus residents live below the poverty line. Only 25% of them are Cypriots. 75% are foreigners living in Cyprus, according to Cystat.

In 2017, the officially established poverty threshold in Cyprus was 8,412 thousand euros per year (this is approximately 647 euro per month) and 16 943 thousand euros per month for a family with two adults and two dependent children (1 303 euro per family per month). Of those living in Cyprus, 16,1% are below the poverty line.

19,5% of them are people aged 65 years or older. Representatives of other age groups are less - about 15% each.

Only 25% of those living below the poverty line are Cypriots. 75% are foreigners. 29,5% - representatives of other European countries. 45,5% - non-EU countries. At the same time, only 23,7% of people living below the poverty line do not work (they are on pension, dependent, etc.).

Interestingly, 7,6% of residents of Cyprus live below the poverty line for at least three years.

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