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Big politics: Putin's Serbs believe defender, and for good reason

In Serbia, it seems that even breathed freely. Russian support in difficult times it is provided. Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić has secured military and political support from Moscow. Rumor has it that even the Serbs C-300 can deliver in the event of a military conflict. So it is better not to touch, to inadvertently currently no teeth broken off.

"Evening News" wrote that the new weapons, the Serbian army is the most efficient in the region: "This is a clear message to the neighbors: if they try to transfer conflicts on our territory of Serbia, with the support of a powerful ally, respond appropriately."

In the Balkans, has long troubled. Pristina already forms an "army of Kosovo." Macedonia - a political crisis triggered by the intervention of the EU and NATO. Macedonians impose the so-called "Albanian platform" - changing the state symbols of the country, emblem, anthem and the introduction of Albanian language as an official language. People are protesting in the streets. Bosnia and Herzegovina, in turn, is experiencing institutional crisis.

There is no stability, hence security in question. At one point polyhnet, spread to other countries. Yes, and the growth of Albanian nationalism does not promise anything good, if you remember about the territorial claims of the Albanians to Serbia, to Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece. In addition, authorities in Pristina are secret negotiations on the purchase of weapons, planning the purchase of antitank missiles, light artillery and helicopters.

Aggression fanatic, multiplied by military force, the Balkans will explode. Therefore, military-technical assistance to Moscow ensures the protection of the Serbian territory and people. The publication writes that Belgrade will receive six MiGs 29, 30 tanks T-72 and 30-2 BRDM armored personnel carriers. Probability and delivery SAM "Buk" and "Tunguska", and in the event of a serious crisis and C-300 systems.

According to political analyst Dejan Vuk Stankovic: "Putin - of course, the most popular foreign policy of Serbia and meeting with him adds Vucic points, but the most positive in the negotiations that have been strengthened security ties."

Defense Minister Zoran Dzhordzhevich also does not hide optimism: "Serbia has to be a modern aircraft that can fully protect our skies, and will guarantee the security of all our citizens."

The reality is that NATO is beneficial to keep an "ace in the hole" of Kosovo. In fact, this area is a transit area of ​​drug trafficking from Africa and Asia to Europe and only. Once evroatlantistam need to blow up the region, the conflict between the Albanians and the Serbs again flare up. The only thing standing in their way this time will be a strong Russia. Therefore, an information campaign against Belgrade and Moscow is already underway.

A source: Politikus.ru

Author: Eugene Radugin

Tags: Serbia, Politics, Russia, analysts, Putin, Armament, the Balkans, the Army, EU, Europe

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