Today: March 23 2019
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More than half of the ambulance cars of Greece fulfilled their resource

More than half of the ambulance cars of Greece fulfilled their resource

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In Greece, drivers of the ambulance claim the plight of the industry - almost 60 machines have fulfilled the resource by 100%, and money for repairs has to wait for years.

Drivers say that the fleet is not updated for years, it is operated for days without regular maintenance and replacement of exhausted spare parts. At the same time, the station is catastrophically short of machines, because of which sick people wait for help for several hours.

In this case, doctors have to be responsible for being late for calls to outraged relatives of patients.

As reported by representatives of the National Federation of Public Hospital Workers (ΠΟΕΔΗ,), from 12 on 15 August, when fires burned in Greece, and people often applied for help, only 45-48 machines worked during the day, and 25-27 on night shift. At the same time 60 vehicles remained in the vehicle fleet due to malfunctions. "Thus, we can say that half of the car park needs repair and has worked its resources. Of the 55 machines, only 25 is running on the line, "the ΠΟΕΔΗ подчерки statement emphasizes.

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