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19.05.2017 - 11: 06

Most Russians saw Cyprus only in a dream

Most Russians have not been and do not intend to visit popular resorts - Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. Only one in five does not rule out that he will go to one of these countries. In Cyprus, according to the information of the Levada Center, 96% of Russian citizens did not rest. According to the National Agency for Financial Research, 58% of Russians have never been abroad.

Citizens of Russia - about the countries of the "big tourist sevens"

According to the Levada Center, 3% of surveyed Russians were in CyprusOnce and all 1% of the respondents reported that they went there repeatedly. 67% of respondents do not consider this direction, 24% - do not exclude. In 2017, 2-3% of Russian citizens gather to rest on the island of Aphrodite.

As reported by RBC, 94% of respondents have never visited the resorts of Greece and only 4% visited there once. The possibility of traveling to this country does not exclude 24% of Russians, 68% are not going there.

Most Russians (96%), as sociologists have found out, have never been to Spain. Once this country was visited by 4% of the respondents, 67% of Russians do not plan to go there and only 24%, maybe, they will go. On holiday in Spain this year will go "3-4% of Russian citizens."

In the United Arab Emirates96% of Russian citizens never rested, and 70% are not going to do it. 22% doubt - it's worth going or not. Only 3% were in the UAE once, another 2-3% will go there in the coming year.

Closed from Russian touristsEgyptNot too much and attracts them: 88% of those polled were not there, 9% were once. 68% assured that they do not intend to go there. Do not rule out such an option 23%, and 3% want to visit the country of the pyramids this year.

In Thailand, According to the Levada Center, there were never 93% of Russian citizens, 6% visited it once. 67% of respondents answered that they will not go there, 24% consider this option, and 3-4% plan a trip to 2017 year.

Finally, 81% of Russians have never been in the Turkey. 13% of respondents visited this country once, two or three times there visited 5% and only 1% - more than three times. 68% of respondents go there and are not going to. 22% of Russians "maybe someday" will go and only 3% plan to visit Turkey this year.

At home is good, but abroad expensive and dangerous

Yuri Barzykin, vice president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT), told Izvestia that, according to his estimates, more than half of the citizens of the Russian Federation prefer to travel within the country, while "five times less travels abroad in an organized way, along mass lines." He recalled that in 2014 the survey of the same Levada Center showed: 72% of Russians do not have passports.

The president of the St. Petersburg Policy Foundation, Mikhail Vinogradov, believes that the data of sociologists and the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the number of issued passports "are contrary to everyday observations": "

- When you communicate with people, including from different regions, you do not see 70-80% of those who have never traveled abroad. A considerable number of people have certain experience, and information about popular foreign resorts, even with the words of relatives or acquaintances, is available to almost everyone.

The expert noted that a survey of the Levada Center can talk about the effect of the coincidence of two factors. On the one hand, after the depreciation of the ruble, it became expensive to go abroad, especially to Europe, and on the other hand, there was talk about the fact that it was dangerous to be there, so citizens are not particularly eager to go abroad.

- The thesis that beyond the borders of your country is more dangerous than inside, I've heard even in the US, where last year it was said that there are explosions and migrants everywhere in Europe, and the States are an island of stability. Once, when I was in Beirut shortly after the terrorist attack in Moscow, I heard the owner of the travel agency complain that it would be difficult for him to send a group of Lebanese tourists to Moscow, because it's dangerous there.

According to the National Agency for Financial Studies, placed at the disposal of Russia Today, 42% of Russians went abroad. According to the all-Russian poll conducted by experts of the analytical center, 2016% of Russian citizens visited other countries in 36. Most of them last year left Russia once (65%), every fifth - two (22%), more than three times - 13%.

"Many Russians rest in Cyprus, where they are rolled from one winery to another on the hills and hills on donkeys. Two years ago my family and I thought, why do not we make the same attraction in Kamchatka. We have a very beautiful nature: volcanoes, water, forest! We bought three adult donkeys, who eventually had three more kids, and organized a farm on their own plot, - Tatiana BABUSHKINA, a farmer.

The Levada Center poll was conducted with 21 on 24 April. Participation in it was accepted by 1600 people from 137 settlements in 48 regions of Russia.


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