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The struggle of Cypriot snakes

If you like to wander through the forests of Cyprus, breathe the mountain air and enjoy nature, then most likely you will meet on your way snakes. They can lie and bask in the sun, they can hunt, but what could have been captured in the photo by a resident of Cyprus, Elena Papadopoulou, impressed the entire Internet.

Two intertwined snake bodies, heads that were looking in the same direction, rhythmically moved and twisted around the stones for a long time.

What the reptiles did was beautiful and looked exciting. However, exactly what the snakes did, the opinions were divided.

Some argue that they mated, while others believe that it was a real battle for the dominance of the two males. The second option seems more true. Experts say that when mating, snakes are immobile. As for the reason for the serpentine struggle, it is most likely that the males did not divide the whole territory.

A source: Cyprus Butterfly

Author: Catty Cage

Tags: Cyprus, Snake, Animals

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