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06.05.2017 - 13: 24

The fight against Russia over the world becomes a law for the United States

The draft law on intelligence policy of the USA, already approved by the lower house of Congress, represents as one of the priorities of the fight against "hidden influence" of Russia. In addition to the propaganda and misinformation Moscow suspected of organizing murders and terrorist attacks. However, the bill has other problems besides the anti-Russian.

The hysteria around the "Russian intervention" and "Russian influence" in the United States is beginning to take incarnation in the legislative format. The US Congress approved a bill on intelligence policy of the state. Now he has to sign President Donald Trump. The document itself is a standard, it affects the national security of America, defines intelligence activities and powers of the Congress on her supervision. However, in this paper, there are a number of very interesting points.

The bill includes the introduction of compulsory prior notification regime for all visits of accredited diplomats and other members of diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation in the United States. It is also proposed to develop mechanisms for the exchange of information between agencies regarding travel are in the country of Russian diplomats (including "unauthorized" visits - without carrying out a new notification requirements).

In fact, for the diplomats of our country set total surveillance, and restrictions on movement. For diplomats and their movements secret services, and early the next, but to fix a surveillance law - it is a serious move.

"It is a violation of the Vienna Convention, among other things. It is forbidden. Surveillance of diplomats officially enshrined in legislation - it is the know-how across a great many international legal acts. Although informally it is carried out, even now, "- said the newspaper VIEW president of the Center for Strategic Communications Dmitry Abzalov.

In addition, the increased control will trigger the introduction of symmetric steps against US diplomats in Russia. As noted by Dmitry Abzalov, surveillance of embassies will entail retaliatory measures and would undermine confidence in other countries.

At the same time much more interesting for another moment. In the document as one of the priorities of the US intelligence laid strengthen the fight against "hidden" Russian influence operations "against the peoples and governments" in the US and around the world. For this purpose, a special inter-ministerial committee. Its task is to "counter Russia active measures to provide covert influence, including through the dissemination of false information, agents of influence, corruption, human rights violations, terrorism and killings carried out by security forces or the political elites of the Russian Federation, or their appointees." At the same time representatives of the services included in the committee, should be through 180 days after the enactment of the law to provide reports on the identification of "active measures" latent influence of Moscow and offered variants of steps to counter them.

It is worth noting that this is a very strong statements. The bill essentially formalizes the so-called Russian covert operations influence as a global problem that must be addressed globally. Moreover, in the document, among other serious charges clearly states that political leadership and the security services of the Russian Federation are organizing terrorist acts and murders. It is no longer just kind of there the pro-Russian propaganda, manipulation of elections or fakie. carefully created image of an enemy of Russia, which is very reminiscent of the rhetoric of the Cold War. Only now it's not "evil empire", as a terrorist state, almost like LIH *.

Of course, such dramatic statements, and even in the official state document - this is a very serious precedent. He certainly demand an explanation from the United States and will cause a negative reaction in Moscow. And not only in Moscow. "If this proposition is accepted - it will be quite a serious challenge to the international community and will make a very complex interaction of Washington with a number of players," - said Dmitry Abzalov.

"From a legal point of view it is allegations," - said the analyst. Even the prosecution about the influence of Russia on the results of the elections in the United States has not yet been confirmed, not to mention everything else. "Before the end is not carried out an investigation with respect to Russia's participation in the election campaign in the United States," - he said. Dmitry Abzalov also stressed: "Washington is less need to pay attention to participate in election campaigns in other countries. During Baraka Obamy, he participated in all election campaigns in terms of information presence. " Were opened emails, accounts in social networks and instant messengers, carried out informational influence, he added.

Even more slippery topic - charges of terrorism and murder. "The UN has a list of terrorist organizations, which are recognized. I have not seen a single organization, which is supported by the Russian Federation ", - said Dmitry Abzalov. He also stressed: "Countries that support terrorism - this is an issue on which Washington is not worth to get up, because it's a one way ticket. All terrorist organizations, expressed a radical, fundamental terrorism as a military wing - it's actually a creature of the United States. Afghanistan - it all started in one degree or another. "

But Washington could not but be aware of how such a move would be perceived and how serious he is. Of course, this does not mean the beginning of a conflict, and even a new Cold War. But why it was necessary to Americans?

Such a law, even with such harsh language is largely free hand to US intelligence agencies. There is a formal enemy, the open conflict which is undesirable, but all else is quite good. This allows you to push open any "pro-Russian" sentiments, as well as the Russian media, to combat any positive statements about Russia. After all, unlike other media, they are, according to a new document, engaged in disinformation and holding shares of influence. Here it is possible to include and diplomats of our country, which can seriously complicate the work and life, making them virtually shake hands with (few US officials and politicians want is now being accused of having links with Moscow). Not to mention any directed against Russian foreign policy moves - such as missile defense on its borders or further expansion of NATO to the east.

Moreover, it gives the opportunity to act not only against Moscow itself. You can, for example, organize wiretapping and spying on its citizens and foreign (and politicians), both inside and outside the country. This is because there is justification in the form of a counter "active measures" Russia. It is also convenient to justify interference in the internal affairs of other States, struggling with objectionable governments (pointing to their accountability Moscow), or promoting the right of politicians to senior posts (accusing other candidates in relations with the Russian Federation). In addition, it allows US intelligence agencies to act more harshly - for example, re-start resort to kidnapping operations or liquidation of people, as well as torture, as has happened before. Donald Trump because once said that he was not against Torture. And in taking it hard foreign policy it fits.

New document and its rhetoric is largely also focused on domestic political segment of the United States. Under the guise of countering "latent to active measures of influence" Russia can safely deal with dissent in America. In fact, the use of already observed factor ties with Moscow as a tool for squeezing of the American establishment unwanted politicians (a vivid example - frustrated US President Advisor on National Security Maykl Flinn) or the provision of powerful influence, as is the case with Trump.

"This is likely to attempt to ride a certain political trend, but also put pressure on Trump for cooperation with Moscow. An informational field, which is very difficult to make social and political important decisions. Soon it will be a meeting G20, and during this time it is necessary to form a front position that Trump does not have to negotiate with Moscow. That is the task that stands, "- said Dmitry Abzalov.

Very interesting is the fact that the bill did not explain what kind of measures should be taken to deal with the "hidden influence" of Russia. Merely states that the special services, security agencies and departments should develop and propose some steps. This means that the choice is up to the United States by the intelligence community and explain the details of the citizens of the country no one is going.

There are, however, the document has also classified part. Perhaps it contains some details on the subject. However, to know only those who can it have access to such information, ie, the US leadership and security services. The others may be content with the fact that Russian influence - it is a serious threat, and it must somehow counteract.

A source: LOOK

Author: Nikita Kovalenko

Tags: US Laws, Research, Russia, Politics, Special services