Today: December 14 2018
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The struggle for street lighting in Cyprus

The struggle for street lighting in Cyprus

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Private companies working in the energy saving sector are dissatisfied with the creation of a subsidiary of the Electric Administration of Cyprus. In their opinion, because of this they will lose the opportunity to earn.

Private companies involved in the purchase and sale of energy-saving LED lamps, believe that the Electric Department illegally operates in the electricity sector. The Office created its subsidiary Esco Ek Ltd and, thus, it does not give the private company the opportunity to earn.

The representative of the Office says that the establishment of a subsidiary company meets the interests of the state and local authorities. This company is studying the situation, and then subsidizes the purchase of street lighting lamps, so that local authorities, in the event of a shortage of funds, gradually pay the subsidiary company the cost of lamps. That is, the issue of road coverage will be closed, and local authorities will not worry about quick payment.

Also the aim of Esco Ek Ltd is to completely replace the road lighting. Thus, the company, acting as a representative of the Electric Administration of Cyprus, took part in the contract of contractors for the replacement of lamps. As a result, 17 companies selected three, offering economical and high-quality work on the replacement of road lighting, reports Philenews.

Thus, municipalities are spared the choice of the cheapest contractor among the many proposals. Now they need to choose among these three, while Esco Ek Ltd gives 8 more years of warranty for free maintenance of road lighting systems. Cooperation of municipalities and a subsidiary company will not only help to save local authorities on expenses, but also lead to a complete renewal of road lighting.

Elena Savchenko
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