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Boris Johnson on financial claims of Brussels: the European Union can go whistling

For the word in your pocket will not climb, that's for sure! The head of the British Foreign Office, Boris Johnson, spoke in the parliament yesterday, where he commented in a vulgar manner on the financial claims of the European Union for Brexit.

"The European Union can go whistling if it seriously thinks that it will receive from London 100 billion euros for a divorce," - quotes Johnson today the European press.

Already on the following Monday, 17 July, Brussels will host the first real round of negotiations on Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. It is obvious that the parties are currently actively engaged in their preparation, and the representatives of the parties in the course of various press conferences, if one may say so, "mark the territory" - determine the "red lines" and the most pressing issues that will become subjects of none yet and even Not two meetings.

Thus, during today's press conference, Michel Barnier, the head of the EU delegation to the Brexit talks, said that the parties will begin dialogue about future relations only after the United Kingdom has accepted Brussels's demands on the three most pressing issues. The first concerns the status of European citizens working and living in Britain, the second - the status of Northern Ireland, and the third - the financial claims that Brussels is pushing London. Briefly, the British authorities are required to leave the Europeans and the Irish alone in peace, and also want to receive from the Kingdom 100 billion euros as a repayment of certain obligations that are allegedly vested in London as a member of the European Union.

"Progress on one or two of these topics will not be enough to allow us to move on to discussions about our future relationship," warns Barnier.

That's how after that do not talk about blackmail, eh? This is a public flogging, which the EU decided to arrange for the British to edify everyone else who is considering leaving the Union. However, as if vulgar and undiplomatic was the head of the British Foreign Ministry, Boris Johnson, he is right when he calls the demands of the European Union blackmailed.

"Since entering the Common Market 1 January 1973 and up to the present moment, the United Kingdom has contributed 209 billion pounds to the accounts of the European Union and its predecessors. And after that, Brussels wants more? Yes, if he only asks for a penny, he should immediately be sent, "Johnson said yesterday.

That's just to send, it seems, there is no one. Earlier, British Minister for Brexit David Davis said London's readiness to compromise. As it is possible, when the position of Brussels is, in fact, uncompromising, the Minister, unfortunately, did not explain.

It can be assumed that the subject of immediate and future negotiations will be the amount of compensation, but what about Johnson's statements about "not a penny to these European blackmailers"? In that case, it's time to stop the expressive foreign minister, and do it as soon as possible, otherwise he will raise half the Kingdom to his ears! And even better - to send Brussels with his demands, all the same, because the EU can not be shielded from the UK by the iron curtain. This is too expensive for him - much more expensive than not getting these 100 billion euros.

A source: Politikus.ru

Author: Zolotoy

Tags: United Kingdom, Politics, EU, Brexit

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