Today: January 18 2019
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Boris Johnson restored funding for Al-Qaida in Syria

Boris Johnson restored funding for Al-Qaida in Syria

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On the eve of the media there was new evidence of Britain's participation in the financing of terrorism in Syria. The Adam Smith International Foundation, which was in the middle of a scandal in December in connection with the financing of Al-Qaeda *, allocated XnUMX million pounds to the financial 2017-2018 year. Obviously, the money will again be in the hands of the "Front of An-Nusra" militants *, as it previously happened with the financing of the "free police" in the province of Idlib, the Voltaire Network informs.

Recall that in early December last year the BBC investigation revealed a monstrous fraud of the British government, related to the financing of the "Syrian Free Army" (SSA). It turned out that 66 million pounds allocated for law enforcement in the "liberated areas" in the north of the ATS in 2015-2016 years, went to the militants of Al Qaeda. Officially, the funds were allocated to the SSA police, but in fact the final recipients of multimillion tranches were terrorists.

Such substitution was possible as a result of the creation of fictitious "police stations", forgery of documents and direct cooperation of the "free police" with the "Front of An Nusra", "Nur al-Din az-Zinka" and "Ahrar ash Sham". In fact, the police of the "Syrian Free Army" entered the service of terrorist groups financed by British taxpayers. The money was accrued on the basis of the rate of 86 dollars a day and was transferred in cash in large amounts. For example, as documents of the fund showed, at one time 837 thousand dollars were transferred. That's why the BBC film got a big name: "Jihadists, for which you pay."

Despite the scandalous exposure, the British Foreign Office, led by Boris Johnson, has restored the sponsorship of Adam Smith International, which was suspended for two months. During this time, the fund was involved in several more scandals related to lobbying the interests of Bahrain in the United Nations (creating the illusion of human rights), the exorbitant salaries of several of its leaders and the theft of confidential government documents. As a result, several ASI directors were forced to resign.

Nevertheless, the British government has found a way to circumvent the exposure of the Adam Smith Foundation by reorienting funds to the Fund for Stability and Security of Conflicts (CSSF). Today, this laying fund feeds Al-Qaeda in Syria through three humanitarian NGOs: Adam Smith International, Integrity Global and Tamkeen. Fund CSSF existed before, in particular, through him were donated funds to the so-called Mayor of Aleppo (in fact, the representative of the Saudi jihadists who occupied the eastern part of the city) and the White Helmets. The latter are also a British creature led by a MI-6 officer, who specializes in propaganda operations.

As follows from the answer to the British Parliament, Lord Ahmad of Wimboldon, who oversees the Commonwealth of Nations questions to the Foreign Ministry in September, in addition to the money of the Syrian armed opposition, non-lethal weapons (communication, medical and logistics equipment, chemical protection equipment) were supplied. At the same time, the minister refused to disclose the names of the supported groups in Syria, referring to those groups and communities that oppose IG * and Assad. Thus, the UK continues to finance terrorism in Syria under the pretext of combating IGIL and the Assad regime, relying on pro-Turkish and Qatari groups in the province of Idlib.

* Front Al Nusra, Al-Qaeda, IG (Islamic State) are terrorist groups, activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation by a decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

Alena Bajowa
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