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Boris Johnson: Why fight extremism when it can be supported

A couple of days ago in the UK, a report was published by the think tank Henry Jackson Society, in which experts demonstrated how Saudi Arabia supports the spread of extremist ideas in the United Kingdom.

This report provoked a storm of indignation among Saudi diplomats, but at the same time remained unnoticed in the British government, where they completely abandoned any comments.

And on the eve of the authorities of the kingdom still gave an exhaustive answer about their attitude to the information given in the report. And this response was the Middle East tour of the head of the British Foreign Office Boris Johnson. Johnson went to Saudi Arabia to meet with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Sheikh of the United Arab Emirates Mohamed ibn Zayd Al Nahyan.

As noted in the department, Johnson in the next few days will hold several more meetings with the leaders of the Persian Gulf countries, whose goal is to establish a dialogue between the countries of the region. Johnson is exposed by a dove of peace, who went to solve the gravest crisis that arose against the backdrop of accusations against Qatar of involvement in the financing of terrorist groups.

Well, why not? At home in Britain, all the important issues have been resolved for a long time already. For a month now, not a single explosion, not a single pogrom on ethnic grounds - everyone lives in peace and prosperity, so Johnson went to solve other people's problems at the far end of the world.

And no, everyone understands that Johnson heads the foreign policy department, that this is his job. But he also must react to open threats that come from foreign states against the citizens of his country. The same diplomatic mission of Saudi Arabia in London threatened to destroy the analysts of the center of the Society of Henry Jackson. And instead of somehow answering the Saudis, Johnson shakes hands with them and smiles good-naturedly ...

A source: Politikus.ru

Author: Anton Orlovsky

Tags: United Kingdom, Terrorism, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Politics

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