Today: December 14 2018
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Brazilian football scandal leaves Cyprus

Brazilian football scandal leaves Cyprus

Tags: Cyprus, Society, Migration, Football

The Brazilian player of the Doxa football club, Luis Carlos, intends to leave Cyprus, despite the fact that he has a two-year contract. This was told by Phileleftheros President of Doxa Costas Christodoulou. The decision of the legionary was affected by the incident with his wife. Two immigration policemen in civilian clothes detained a non-Greek and English-speaking Brazilian woman in Nicosia, when she was going to school to pick up a child. She was pushed into a car without identification marks and fastened with handcuffs.

According to the president of the football club, on the morning of Thursday, 18 January, Luis Carlos did not attend the training. He is busy collecting the suitcases and decorating the air tickets. Costas Christodoulou tried to persuade the Brazilian to stay in Cyprus, but he refused. In 9: 30, a married couple from Brazil filed an official complaint with the police against the actions of two immigration officers. If the player does not stay on the island, the club will demand compensation from the police of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Christodoulou said.

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