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Brexit becomes more real

Against the background of the many predictions that the British establishment sabotaging decision referendum on withdrawal from the EU, the process is moving steadily forward. On the new week is expected several important steps in this direction, including the launch of a direct Brexit. This leads one to suspect that the numerous obstacles and reservations of the British elites play a very different role in this process.

According to leaks from the British Cabinet, the Prime Minister Theresa May as part of the country's exit from the European Union will require the return from Brussels almost 11 billion dollars of British assets that make up London's share of the funds of the European Investment Bank.

On Monday, March 13, the British Parliament passed a bill must be to withdraw from the EU. In this regard, the British Minister for Brexit David Davis in a letter to members of the House of Commons urged parliamentarians not to sabotage it and take in its original form, without amendment, as such, can carry "significant legal risks." In addition, a bill on Brexit, adopted as amended, according to Davis, "tie the hands" of Prime Minister Theresa May in the course of negotiations on the EU Brexit conditions c.

At the same time the ruling Conservative Party has forbidden his ministers to leave the country before the law. The ban is linked to fears that the party does not have enough votes to pass the law because of the pro-European Tories, who can join in this matter to the opposition. As you know, in a parliamentary system, the UK government members are also members of parliament.

The procedure Brexit, according to the media, must be running Theresa May on the following day, Tuesday, March 14.

At the same time in the last few days it is very toughened rhetoric on the part of Brussels.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that he does not like Brexit and that he wanted to "go on the same ship with the British." He also expressed the hope that one day "the British back on board."

At the same time on both sides stepped up the theme of mutual financial claims, part of which was the news about Britain's plans to return 11 billion from the EIB. EU threatens to expose Britain's bill for a way out of its membership in the amount of 60 billion euros. British government lawyers came in turn to the conclusion that in Brussels there is no reason to require the payment of this amount.

The British government admits the possibility that London will not be able to reach an agreement with Brussels on the conditions for further cooperation after Brexit, however, is a clear plan on how to proceed in the event of the failure of negotiations with Brussels in Whitehall not. At the same time the Ministry of Finance of the country warned that "hard" output will cause "a major economic shock" in the UK. Another important risk factor is a possible departure from the country of Scotland. Prime Scotland has already announced its intention to hold a referendum in this regard.

In turn, the EU will hold an extraordinary summit on Brexit in early April, when the London to Brussels will send a formal notice of intent to withdraw from the Union.

Around Brexit the farther, the more folds very entertaining situation.

British results of the referendum, which took place almost a year ago, there was a bolt from the sky and caused numerous forecasts that the yield of the UK from the EU would be torpedoed and sabotaged the national establishment, which is opposed to the decision. However, the process is moving, and is becoming increasingly evident that a substantial part of the ruling elite of the British support the release of their country from the European Union.

Brexit becoming more realistic features. Moreover, apparently, London intends to withdraw from the EU on the most favorable conditions for themselves, as directly say members of the British government. Rhetoric of Brussels in this regard is also becoming more and more irritated and threatening.

In this regard, there is a reasonable assumption that the slow pace of events, multiple reservations and alleged retreat from the British establishment are merely factors that help smooth the process, but at the same time steadily pushing him forward.

In the end, the British political system is one of the oldest in the world and, as history shows, few can compete with it in the ability to promote national interests in the international arena.

A source: LOOK

Author: Irina Alksnis

Tags: United Kingdom, European Union, Politics, Economy, Theresa May, Brexit, Analytics

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