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Britain: Drang nach Osten - 2

Britain: Drang nach Osten - 2

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The first part - Britain: Drang nach Osten

Announced "Global Partnership" in London and Beijing

Described above - this is what is already known. It can be assumed that the list of agreements and contracts on the visit will be much longer, but said the main thing: Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and President Xi Jinping heralded The period of "global partnership" between the two countries.

This historic "global partnership" in XXI Participants century "Opium Wars" Century XIXth said at the dinner table in a welcoming toast. A banquet was given at Buckingham Palace, a detailed account of what TASS correspondent in London. Next - the details and receive quotations from his story.

The guests of the banquet began 170 people, including family members of the crowned Windsor. At the same time, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge wore a red dress in honor, according to London-colored national flag of China.

So the United Kingdom has demonstrated it in the face of the whole (!) Windsor dynasty "moves to the side of China" .a Xi Jinping on the steps of Buckingham Palace stepped out of the carriage ... The heads of the British monarchy. All the all clear?

"The time is ..."? It seems that in this case, Hamlet was not right - it is now "link of times in London and China relations" recovered. And I somehow one of them, do not envy ...

The dinner was also attended by British Prime Minister David Cameron and the Minister Finance George Osborne. Responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the Crown determined.

Royal cook regaled guests fillet Khingan Halibut (royal food!) and balmoralskoy venison (Balmoral - the name of the Queen's residence in Scotland, near Aberdeen).

Queen in his address called President Hu's visit to the United Kingdom as "a milestone in an unprecedented year of cooperation and friendship between Britain and China", stressing that both countries are ready to take their relationship to a new level.

"Mr. President, - said the Queen, turning to Xi Jinping, - the relationship between the United Kingdom and China today, in fact, is a global partnership. We have every reason to celebrate the dynamic growth of economic relations between our countries, as well as progress in our joint activities aimed at to deal with urgent international challenges. "

«We were shocked energy and enthusiasm with which the Chinese leaders are leading the country to a new and ambitious future for the Chinese people - admitted Elizabeth II. - Economic recovery and development have changed the lives of people throughout China and have saved hundreds of millions of people from poverty. This is a huge historical achievement with far-reaching positive impact on people's lives. "

Queen Elizabeth II also noted that the chosen model of China - "one country, two systems" - "opened the way for the handover of Hong Kong to China." Her Majesty could not "in their hearts" does not mention this fact to the UK leaving the shores of the Pacific ...

Moreover, the national anthem of the Kingdom includes the very words: "Rule Britannia, the waves!"

«When Britain first, at Heaven's command
Arose from out the azure main;
This was the charter of the land,
And guardian angels sang this strain:
«Rule, Britannia! Rule the waves:
Britons never will be slaves ».

The nations, not so blest as thee,
Must, in their turns, to tyrants fall;
While thou shalt flourish great and free,
The dread and envy of them all.
«Rule, Britannia! Rule the waves:
Britons never will be slaves ».

This - the anthem of the monarchy, which is sung about the "blessed by God" in Britain, whose inhabitants "will never be slaves." Slaves were residents of other countries that We fell into the sphere of interests British Empire. Today, the scope of these interests back China. true, in different historical eras...

Even something as uncomfortable remind dear readers widely known chief postulate of the British state, formulated Russophobe Palmerston, who declared as: "How hard it is to live in the world, with Russia when no one is at war."

Remember? Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount of Palmerston: «Therefore I say that it is a narrow policy to suppose that this country or that is to be marked out as the eternal ally or the perpetual enemy of England. We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, And those interests it is our duty to follow ».

This Henry John Temple, Lord Palmerston, the English statesman, for many years the minister of defense, chief of the Foreign Ministry, the Prime Minister at the Royal Court of the British Empire at the time said: "That is why I say that short-sighted to consider this or that country ally unchanged or eternal enemy England. We have no constant allies, we have no perpetual enemies. Only our interests are eternal and unchangeable, and it is our duty - to follow them". (Speech in the House of Commons in March 1 1848 g)

And - 2015 year. Britain brilliantly affirms its commitment to the historic mission - "The interests of Britain's unchanging and eternal" - "Our interests It has eternal and perpetual"! And, on the other hand, that there, in London can still come up in XXI Century? Do not lag behind the Britons from a life with its own traditions?

In response toast Xi Jinping was correct and said that "Britain and China, each for their part, represent the great Eastern and Western civilization." True, they "are geographically far apart," but the two countries "long and cooperate closely. " A hint of XIX Age? Oh, these "Orientalfineness"...

"As the old Chinese saying - Chinese President continued, bringing the conversation to the planeMeaningful folklore - "Ability can appear only once, so use it until it slipped away." In the UK, you also have a proverb: "A wise person makes changes in happiness." And at a time when our comprehensive strategic partnership this year I went to the second decade, Let's use this opportunity to work together in order to usher in an even better future for the Sino-British relations. "

XIX Century "set aside" - "partnership" is not and 20 years? Everything - from scratch? No. Speaking in Parliament, Xi Jinping mentioned that he was "deeply impressed viability Sino-British relations andDeep friendship between our peoples. " So, interesting statements sound interesting timeframe stated ...

Yes, "the Lord millstones grind slowly, but inexorably." The Chinese know that they do and for what. And 20 years for them - not even 200 years. Read the legacy of Deng Xiaoping.

A visit to the background ...

Watching the chic reception in London and going to the pub Cameron and Xi Jinping, some observers have expressed a desire to go beyond the specific dates and look in what circumstances it is international

rohodil.Issledovanie on the theme "What was the background of the world of Chinese visit to Great Britain?" I spent blogger Vladimir Vinnikov. And here's what he found details of the international situation surrounding the visit:

- 5 October in Atlanta (USA) 12 of the Pacific, including the United States and Japan, which account for about 40% of global GDP, have signed an agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP, Trans-Pacific Partnership).

- Immediately after that, in a number of EU countries, especially in Germany, have been mass protests against the signing of a similar agreement on Trans-Atlantic partnership, (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - TTIP).

- 8 October, China launched its own international system of payments Chinese International Payment System (CIPS), an alternative SWIFT.

- 9 October in Lima (Peru) took the next summit of the IMF and the World Bank, on which the United States again refused to reform these international financial institutions.

- During the first three quarters of the year 2015 Chinese yuan came in first place among the currencies used in commercial calculations in the ASEAN region.

- In 2015, India and China continued to be the largest consumers of physical gold, collectively providing more than 80% of global demand for "yellow metal".

No comments. This - not a collection "under the topic", and - the real events surrounding the visit of Xi Jinping to the UK. And to reflect on the agreements held in London.

But Americans choked! In front of them Britons made a breakthrough to a departing from the platform in the future composition of shouting: "Grab your suitcase, station moves!"

"As long as the leader of the Communist Party of China basks in the attention of the royal family and residents of London, and the pages of the British and Chinese press did not go the news about the latest breakthroughs in relations between Britain and China, on the other side of the Atlantic talk of" betraying the interests of the Western world, "he lamented most independent presses in the world.

Britain has chosen the wrong path in their China initiatives notes Obama's former adviser on Asia, Evan Medeiros: "If you give in to Chinese demands, this leads to a further strengthening of Chinese pressure. London started a dangerous game, tactically adjusting to China, relying on the economic benefits, which can then lead to more problems strategic character. "

While the US is trying to strike a balance between pushing China to constructive relations and blame China's "human rights", a cyber-espionage and issues of the South China Sea, David Cameron and Finance Minister George Osborne accused of being "sold for Chinese investment and strengthening trade. " British Foreign Ministry also rejected accusations that he had "betrayed their principles for the sake of trade", arguing that the dialogue on "Human Rights" with China is underway.

"Right before the arrival of Xi Jinping in the US last month, Barack Obama объявилThat he is preparing sanctions against China over cyber attacks. His harsh statements contrast with the British side bows before the visit of the Chinese leader. The British were arguing among themselves, whether entered British-Chinese relations in a "golden decade" or the "golden era"?

And in Britain, not everyone was thrilled. Well, they call it "the opposition of Her Majesty", so read these articles interesting, but the sense from them a zero - who is there, in Fleet Street, going against the monarchy? That brigade

itanskaya «Financial Times» published a sharp Article "The United States took a tough stance on the convergence of England with China", which directly accused the UK in the delivery of the interests of the Western bloc: "Who would have thought that the bone of contention between the metropolis and the former colony would be the country of the Dragon, which is a hundred years ago the Western powers divided like pie? "

Honestly. But this is - the last day of British politics. Do not keep up with the trend, you know, "lagging behind" ...

The article calling for Britain to be cautious in relation to "the Chinese bearing gifts." Too late! Cameron has opened his arms to tens of billions of Chinese investment.

And let them, investments from China, local press prudently writes, the Chinese have always followed the principle of Mao - "seize the village to take the city", that is, enter the critical sectors indirectly through other sectors. The decision has already been made - Chinese investment to be!

Where will take the coach of the British Empire?

If someone dear readers somehow decides that the author shows some "jealousy Moscow" to the Anglo-Chinese rapprochement, I can reassure him. We're just looking, that It happens and amazes depth иswiftness these changes. Epoch is replaced, you know ...

And as some of our findings, they are.

First. China acts in its national interests, and wants to get, until it's too late, the markets of Europe - at least Britain, at least another country. For this, with the help, by the way, of Russia, a giant project of the "New Silk Road" is planned from the Pacific to the banks of the Channel. And the Chinese leadership simply "tie" the British to the fact that they - "from the West" - will at least not interfere with their rush to Foggy Albion, and, as a maximum, contribute to this project of creating a single Eurasian market where everyone will have enough space. Everyone! Except for some, especially inadequate, representatives of other continents ...

Second. Britons again want to outwit all, and be headed by the process: "In England no permanent allies and no permanent enemies. England has only permanent interests. " Let's see what they are allowed to take "control" of the Pacific leaders of China, taking into account the long memory of the Chinese establishment, first of all, on the issue of the victims of "Opium Wars".

Third. Interesting position expressed by key international conflicts, which may contribute to their resolution. Billions of work wonders!

Как сообщили London, talks held in the country residence of the British prime minister, were devoted to international issues. In particular, the sides "discussed the importance of finding a resolution of the Syrian conflict, and concurred that the international community must work together more effectively to combat LIH."

"As for Ukraine, the Prime Minister and the Chairman welcomed the progress in the implementation of the agreements Minsk", - said the prime minister's office.

Cameron and Xi Jinping discussed a wide range of issues of regional security, and expressed unified opinionthat "extremely necessary to avoid instability on the Korean peninsula."

"The leaders also agreed that the timely and open dialogue between Britain and China can open up opportunities for major diplomatic solutions in a wide range of global and regional security challenges"- The report says.

Finally, the fourth. Shock output from the blogger who calls himself "Evening political leader", "China makes a bid for a major export infrastructure: high-speed railways, reactors, tunnels and bridges. In the next five years, that China and the world will live in 2016-2020 years., The amount of financing of exports will be fi $ 398 billion.

It is expected to increase pressure on the fronts of the PRC infrastructure markets, and especially nuclear.

October 23 2015 era Big Game (Big Игры) Britain in Asia over.

For Asia it is time Big Gain (Big Benefits). "


Unexpectedly? Premature?

But Xi Jinping has carriage rides in the Royal British Empire:

А Britain's Queen personally escorts Chinese leader on the steps of Buckingham Palace gesture «Farewell».

Yes you a ever seen?

P.S. On the question of most important China eventually visit.

Representatives of the International Monetary Fund "hint" to the Chinese authorities that Yuan soon be included in the basket of reserve currencies, reported by Bloomberg in the midst of the visit. Currently, the "basket" includes the US dollar, euro, pound sterling and yen.

Chinese officials, who wished to remain anonymous, told Bloomberg, that Beijing is already preparing a "declaration of victory" because obtained in the course of the meeting the signals from the IMF were unequivocal.

And, because a few months ago, the yuan was given there to the IMF, on the topic "the gate turn", and suddenly (!) - Aimpetuous turn ... Magic is not differently. Do not "British" right?

Thus, in the case of a positive decision on the yuan at a meeting of the IMF in November, the Chinese currency may obtain the status of the global "reserve" in October 2016 g.

That's why, apparently, the Chinese leader in London and then went to - it's not there any contracts "on small things" in the tens of billions to save negligent governments.

It - status as a world reserve currency for yuan!

In Beijing, in fact, aware, who и where decides on issues related to global finance:

And with regard to the British Drang nach Osten, - it is successful attempts Monarchy get their place in the Pacific sun rising.

"East Is Red" - once sang this song in China. And the song came back:

Today glow rising from the East, not notice the only one who looks the other way - to the West ...

The first part - Britain: Drang nach Osten

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