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Britain: Drang nach Osten

Britain: Drang nach Osten

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Queen Elizabeth II meets Chinese leader Xi Jinping in London. For example, someone who bows?

Photo AP Photo Chris Jackson / Pool Photo via AP

Why - Britain and suddenly German «Drang nach Osten» - «The onslaught of the East"?

So, first of all, yes - to the East.

Secondly, yes - the onslaught.

Third, all this looks like something in German style force, but not in the UK - cat.

Here the Germans decided once - "the East" and go, do not hesitate. However, they came back from the East, beaten. But it went well.

But Britons are usually like "shy" and do not show openly their depth intentions. Only the gentlemen's rules is "working" smoothly until last week, when in London, not only to the hair roots have felt that the interests of their business - urgentBut also demonstrated as far as it urgent.

The cry: "Me in Beijing on the case immediately!" Sounded the whole fair world so clearly that even prim London tops in a hurry did not even ask, "What will tell Maria A.", in other words - the world public opinion, in the face of, for example, the views of the US leadership. The rate of change of the political format was terrific. In the style of "What to expect? - Shake it! "

Yes, the situation for London at the beginning of the current XXI century, but by and large - the Third Millennium, it is that, having passed the Hong Kong Chinese comrades at the turn of the year 2000, Britons lost their foothold in the East, without which they are now just confused: China is growing; to the East - after the Sun - Migrate from the United States a new world power centers. A Britain with their hands (!) - Gentlemen, you know - China handed over some 15 years ago, a Hong Kong! And, in fact, this was the "fulcrum" in the East, by which London, guided by the precepts of the old man of Archimedes could "turn the eastern world." There was ... disappeared from under his feet.

What is the failure of the British strategy! Probably not weak separation Queen arranged their politicians for the "puncture"!

And now Her Majesty has to personally - personally (!) - To correct this strategic errorUp to to give night at Buckingham Palace, the leader of China. Otherwise - in the future - this error is strategically myopic subjects of Her Majesty (which in English does not seem in principle - they are masters of building longcombination) could be for the British Crown fatal.

Just look affectionately greeted Elizabeth II leader of the very country that the British unrolled almost "in the dust" in the "Opium War" XIX century. And, in fact, China of that era, according to some estimates, gave, almost without 30% of global GDP, supplying European ladies silks, which were not found lice, and spices that are saved from the royal palaces sorts strong odors ...

About the "Opium Wars" against the British Empire, the Qing Empire preserved volumes of documents. And most of them are easy to understand - the cartoons reveal even dull, that Britons made in China, when destroying its direct competitor. Yes, it is China that was a direct competitor of British manufactories start rising XIX century in European markets. And London decided to "remove a competitor," through the imposition of the Chinese population of all drugs "charms heroin intoxication."

This competition for European markets was then called the "Opium War»: The outcome of the drama are impressive:

And now, after 150 years, Britain again was aimed at China, which is rapidly increasing its share of world GDP and has started the last two decades to throw the same Europe is not incense, and clothing and all kinds of appliances - from TV stations and PCs to iPhones and cars.

And again, as 150 years ago, Britain did not hesitate to show a keen interest in China, but she Now there is strength and capabilities send upon China next filth as "Opium War 2.0», but nachit, sophisticated Anglo-Saxons will be looking for a way to the return of influence in those parts.

Note UK the first European "Krupnyakov" rushed into the ranks of the new international bank, which has created the spring of this year, China - ABII (Asian bank infrastructure investments - Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank). This is then followed by foresight Britons, came back already 57 countries of the world, including France and Germany. The United States refused to join, and for them the road to ABII no.

But first some of the European powers in the ranks of the founders of the new World Bank was rushed to the Anglo-Saxons! And the swiftness in the affairs of the bank - as a rule, leisurely - Clearly showed a very marked tendency to return British influence on the Pacific coast.

The response to this has been painful from Washington. Least…

As told an anonymous former employee of the US administration, relations between the US and Britain have been hit hard in March 2015 year when the Obama administration has chided Britain for "permanent fixture" to China. This came after Britain first of the "Big Seven" has joined the Chinese Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which China has created as an analogue to the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. "The fact that we were disappointed - it Zero consultations on this matter with the USBritain did not notify us, the knowledge of the rest of the Group of Seven "- stressed American.

And that States have taken offense? They themselves have already shown all the direction - "the Pacific Ocean!" That Britain and went "in the steppe."

Yes, the US has long realized that there - in the Pacific - formed future world powers. And because the former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton back in 2009 year published a famous article entitled "America's Pacific Century," in the journal "Foreign Policy"-"America Pacific Century"Which, presumably read and London. Something was written in English ...

Royal Reception for the President of the Peoples Republic of China

We have read and understand that the environment this is the Queen of Great Britain historical time overslept. How many prime ministers with the foreign ministries chiefs replaced over the past 15 years? And, in fact, not one raised the question of the fact that instead of Hong Kong returned to Chinese Britons ought to be something for myself to look at those that are far from Albion, the banks.

In general, the performers did not work ... and Her Majesty had to deal with this matter personally! As a result of these efforts, President of China for the first time in recent years stepped 10 still on the ground in Britain, from which China had suffered so much in the old days. For example, no one in China has not forgotten how angered Beijing meeting British Prime Minister Cameron with the Dalai Lama spiritual leader of Tibet, seeking to separate from China. China then froze relations with British officials more than a year.

But Britons to "erase memory", immediately filed a comrade Xi royal carriage in which, as they say, no foreign heads of state did not go through London. Therefore, he Royal ReceptionHosted by the President of the PRC as Equal monarch of Great Britain, - This is a nod to the British and the head of the Middle Kingdom, and apologize for the fact that recently "came to the pet peeve."

It is also - and an obvious allusion to the local artists whose mistakes should be corrected personally the Queen. In a democracy, you know, overworked ...

We have, as you remember, there is a saying: "let bygones ...", well, etc. And, here, in China we used to communicatepolitely, But the memory of the historic store tight. Somehow, they say, Deng Xiaoping asked: "How do you assess 200-anniversary of the Great French Revolution?", Which was celebrated in 1989 year. And you know what said Chinese political guru? He said: "More is not enough for many years have passed since then, to make any serious conclusions." 200 years - no time for the Chinese estimates ?! What!

Incidentally, Xi Dan indirectly supported by throwing in Parliament words on "who's ancient power": "Yes, you have to have the Parliament of the XIII century. But we started to talk about the rule of law and the rights of people 4000 (four thousand) years ago and began to codify all 2000 (two thousand) years ago. So let's remember, who is an ancient power».
And - Britons tolerated.

And - "The Queen loved it!" (C) Mikhail Bulgakov. "The Master and Margarita").

Thus, the arrival on these days, Xi Jinping had to Britain profound motivated. Which, however, the show was not present, although it breaks through deliberately polite words hosts and guests. Although Comrade Xi Prime Minister Cameron even tried to call "frank conversation" over a glass of "good British ale":

No, you know, invite the distinguished guest at the pub - of course, high degree of respect. And Xi Jinping, feel about the situation, saidThat "in recent years, Sino-British relations have been on the path of rapid development." Location was suitable for application.

Halftone, You know ...

And maybe the government just nervous when Buckingham Palace took over the functions of the ministers who receive a salary? Well, how else to interpret the reaction of the British Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, who, for no apparent reason I began refute accusations of the British press that the UK is going on about China, "as if panting puppy?" You could have to miss this shot, but - do not miss. Nerves, sir ...

Immediately he said that Britain enters into a closer relationship with China, "with his eyes open." The same kind of ambiguity - many also remember the film of Stanley Kubrick "Eyes Wide Shut".

Then Hammond showed awareness povergnuvshuyu shock fans of arithmetic. London hopes to sign with China trade and investment contracts totaling more than 30 billion pounds, said the Finance Minister. He also words, Deal with China will help create in Britain almost four thousand new jobs. And now divide the 30 4000 billion pounds on jobs and answer the simple question: "What they are golden, these jobs?"

However, there is some explanation for this. Once upon a time it was written an article entitled "Dizzy with success". Today, on the occasion of the arrival of Comrade Xi, Prime Minister David Cameron saidThat the visit of the Chinese leader brought a 30 billion pounds (46 billion). Well, if such money one beer, apparently, will not get off ... Although outwardly political correctness flowed like oil.

We have already mentioned that Xi Jinping (before visiting the pub) has filed a golden royal coach, where he arrived at the palace. Here's how it happened:

Money is more important than human rights?

The new policy of the British Crown against China It emerged so rapidly, Stunned even the battered press Fleet Street.

Cynically and openly wrote about this "dash to the East," the British newspaper «The Guardian» in the article "China isrising as the US declines. Britain can not ignore this reality"-" China is on the rise, while the United States is in decline. Britain can not ignore this reality. "

How is a classic? - "In time to bring - it is not to betray. It - foresee". And some Britons "anticipate" the master - the strategy of building a century ahead. Although, here at Hong Kong slashed. But quickly foundnedorabotochkuAnd because now they catch up in China Stakhanov pace.

"Who would have thought just three years ago, the government of David Cameron will be the author of the bold changes in foreign policy in Britain since the Second World War? But this is what is happening now - wrote «The Guardian». - This process began this year when the British government announced that it will join the Chinese initiative to finance huge infrastructure needs in Asia. The United Kingdom was the first country outside of Asia, which has become a party to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (ABII) ... Cameron's statement that the United Kingdom could become "the best partner of China in the West" was not empty ranting, as well as the idea of ​​the "golden age" in the Sino-British relations. "

As one man about identical "licked up the glands ..."

And then - extravaganza! «The Guardian» continues his revelation:

"... We are not satisfied with the human rights situation in China, which is, by our standards, is poor, and in many ways ... But the human rights situation - it no reason (!) in order to refuse to establish closer ties with China " (sic!).

Well, just - to a point. I remember one expert noted witty on "human rights": "You know this man. His name - the Anglo-Saxons. "

This phenomenal flexibility ("Learn, students!") English on the theme "human rights violations in China," quickly found its explanation. As the English proverb "No Matter what they say, it's ALL aboutmoney". - "Whatever people may say, they always talk about money." And, here, the visit of Xi Jinping was also associated with a bo-o-Olsha money.

Even the British press wrote "We sell", Referring to the fact that the Chinese comrades arrived at Foggy Albin projects on 46 billion.

What sort of "human rights in China" - what are you? Money is at stake, money, Karl!

"The new turn towards China Britain provides an opportunity to modernize their infrastructureThat otherwise would can not (!). It It will create many new jobs. And above all, it shows how Britain can thrive oriented in Asia and revolving around the world of ChinaWhich is formed in front of our eyes, "- concludes« The Guardian »your comment in anticipation of the Chinese infusion.

So, that Britons also have in mind, "Welcome, Mr. C," or "Welcome, 46 billion"? And "who is a mother of Britain is valuable?" A?

Such frank delyacheskoe "Cooperation" has caused a storm of discussion among journalists and experts from major British magazines, who consider the conclusion of such contracts "traditional Asian bow" in the direction of a strong partner.

Well, let them discuss. And here - only a few agreements in financial and economic areas which, according to Chinese news agency "Xinhua", concluded during the four-day visit of Comrade Xi to Albion.

- Chinese company allocated 2 billion pounds (about 3,1 billion US dollars) for the construction of UK power plants fueled by biomass. The Chinese construction company SinoFortone Group announced the signing of a contract with the British company Orthios Eco Parks Limited (Orthios), which develops a combined production of food and electricity. These developments will be used in two eco-friendly power plants, the construction of which is expected in the cities of Holyhead and Port Talbot in Wales. Heat power stations with an output of 299 megawatts will produce electricity from imported plant waste.

- Bank of China is officially запустил its operations center in LondonAnd also held simultaneously in Beijing, London and Singapore ceremony global publishing index transactions yuanevymi bonds. This index is officially published for global investors. In the future, the Bank of China will strengthen operating globally integrated network centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, London and New YorkSignificantly increase the potential Continuous Operations within hours 24 5 days a week.

- «British Petroleum» concluded contract with «China Huadian Corp.» contract for the supply of liquefied natural gas. According to Bloomberg, over the years 20 BP will supply LNG to China 10 billion. BP LNG supplies from several countries, including the project «Tangguh» Indonesia, which owns the British company 37% th shares. The company also has 17% in the project «Browse» in Western Australia. Before China out - reach.

- With 2016, Great Britain will issue multiple two-year visas for Chinese tourists. The new visa policy is seen as another step the United Kingdom, aimed at attracting Chinese tourists whose lavish spending supports local employment and economic growth. Chinese Touristsannually bring 500 million pounds in the British economy, spending 2688 pounds on average per capita for each visit.
«Money, Money, Money... "

Yes, the representative of Downing Street saidThat bilateral negotiations will not "taboo". So, then - even more interesting. While there is no evidence, but the plans - on the table.

The press got superproject who have all chances to be signed between China and Britain. What are we talking about?

"Two major Chinese industrial groups will take part in the construction of nuclear power plants" Hinkley Point "in the south-west of England and two nuclear power stations in the counties of Suffolk and Essex," the press "Cameronto sign deal for Chinese nuclear reactor in Essex"And"Bradwell nuclear site being 'handed' to China, says GMB».

It would seem - a normal energy cooperation. No matter how true! Take the above - Britain, relying on the power of China, may "infringe on the sacred" and break the solidarity approach within the European Union to the EU energy strategy. Explain the strategy London newspaper «The Sunday Times»: «No State of the EU should not change its energy system without consultationBecause it could have "enormous implications" for the system of another Member State. "

The meaning of "EU Strategy" as he viewed recent years - as far as possible to limit the role and presence of Russia with its energy projects - from gas to nuclear power - in the territories of the EU. This presence is seen by European "partners" in Moscow, as a "factor of global risk." And they are in the EU in connection with this undertaking? They build a "fence" - cut off from the Russian energy resources in the EU. But energy-something Europe needs. Is not it so?

And now, in the midst of this frenzy Russophobic, Britain enters into an agreement with China in the field of nuclear energy "Hinkley Point 'worth 37 billion. At the same time, Chinese companies are there share in 33,5%. There is another British-Chinese project of a similar kind. What is the breakthrough of the Chinese nuclear exports to the EU market through the UK. And where is the respect for the views of the EU?

Yes, even "British Petroleum" (BP) and China's CNPC oil leader announced the creation of Strategic Alliance. British and Chinese oil and gas giants are going jointly engage in oil production in southern IraqDeveloping huge deposit room. In addition, members of the alliance will be engaged in global trade of oil and LNG, to cooperate in emissions trading CO2, and share technology.

The second part - Britain: Drang nach Osten - 2

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