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Britain, Sweden and Germany are the main buyers of Cypriot callumi

In 2017, the exports of hollumi cheese, which is the national treasure of Cyprus, increased by almost 20%, which brought to manufacturers an additional 25 million euros. First place among the countries consuming the most famous Cypriot cheese, is the UK, which accounts for 43% of exports.

According to the Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus (CyStat), last year on the sale of halloumi abroad Cyprus earned 155 million euros. In other countries of the world, from 2017 in 23, 430 590 XNUMX kilograms of halloumi was exported.

Top 5 importers of halloumi in 2017 year:

  • UK - 67,8 million euros
  • Sweden - 25,3 million euros
  • Germany - 12 million euros
  • Australia - 10,7 million euros
  • Austria - 6,9 million euros

Halloumi is also supplied to Greece, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, USA, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Poland, China, Serbia, Libya, South Korea and Croatia.


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