Today: March 22 2019
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British energy was threatened due to a crack in the nuclear reactor

British energy was threatened due to a crack in the nuclear reactor

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In the third reactor of the Hunterston B nuclear power plant in Scotland, a crack was found; problems in this nuclear power plant can lead to the closure of six more enterprises 70-X - 80-ies of construction and serious problems in the entire energy sector of the country, the British media reported.

The closure will result in a loss of about 120 million pounds sterling to the owner of the nuclear power plant, EDF Energy, but the consequences could be even more serious - the entire energy policy of the British government is under strong pressure due to the closure of one of the oldest nuclear reactors in the UK, The Guardian reports.

Experts suggest that the reactor in Hunterston can never be restarted.

Analyst of Cornwall Insight consulting company Peter Atherton noted that even a complete failure of one reactor could become a serious problem for the supply of energy in Britain, since it will take time to create other energy sources.

Moreover, the Hunterston plant is only one of seven nuclear power plants of similar technology, built in 70-80-ies. All of them can be closed by the end of the next decade, the newspaper notes, that it will seriously damage many British companies.

In January 2016, the media reported that the UK, in the framework of a joint venture with Japan, Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, can transfer up to 40% of orders for the construction of nuclear power plants to Japanese companies, the transaction is estimated at 1 trillion yen (about 8,42 billion dollars).

Sergei Guryanov
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