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British chemists have dismissed responsibility for the "marasmus" of their government

British chemists have dismissed responsibility for the "marasmus" of their government

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"Mad accusations are not backed up." With these words, the Kremlin comments on the sensational statements of British chemists - they officially recognized the lack of evidence of the Russian origin of the substance that poisoned the ex-colonel of the GRU in London. These statements were made right before the emergency meeting of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, dedicated to the incident.

On Tuesday, the head of the British laboratory, Porton Down, admitted that his experts could not determine the country in which the poison was made, which poisoned former colonel GRU Sergey Skripal.

"We were able to identify him as a warfare agent" Novice ". We did not determine the exact origin of the substance, but we provided scientific information to the government, which then used a number of other sources that came to the conclusions, "Sky News executive director of Porton Down Harry Aitkenhead said. Under the available conclusions he meant the accusations against Russia - that Moscow was allegedly involved in the poisoning of Skrypal and this substance was made in Russia.

In other words, for the first time the official opinion of the British chemist has been voiced - there is no direct evidence that the substance used against Skripal was produced in Russia. And similar substances, as Vladimir Putin said in response to these words, can produce about twenty states.

True, it can not be said that Aitkenhead completely undermined the official version of his government. The head of the laboratory made a reservation: for the determination of the origin of the substance, "other data" are needed, some of which belong to the intelligence sphere and allegedly are available from the government. "Our job is to provide scientific proof of what this particular nervous agent is, we determined that the substance is just that kind and that it has a military purpose. Our task was not to find out where it was manufactured, "he said. The head of the laboratory left without comment the question of whether his organization was developing the "Newbie" or storing the supplies of the substance.

After that, the journalists demanded new explanations from the British Cabinet. The government believes that Russia views its former intelligence officers as targets, Tass quotes the press secretary of the British government as saying. The representative of the government once again laid the blame for poisoning on Russia.

Conclusions about the guilt of Russia were made not only on the basis of the conclusion of "Porton Down", it's only part of the intelligence, they added to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom, RIA Novosti reports. After all, London has information that Russia produced and stored a small amount of poison gas, also stated in the ministry.

As is known, on Wednesday in the Hague, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) meeting should be held, at which experts, not politicians, will weigh the arguments of both sides - both accusations from England and counterarguments of Russia. In this sense, the statement of the representative of "Porton Down" looks especially symptomatic: the chemist expert refused to share the political responsibility of his government.

The sensational statement of the head of the laboratory "Porton Down" has already responded to the Kremlin. The presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov called the situation "completely monstrous." "Gradually began to come to confirm that these insane accusations, voiced by the British side a few hours after the incident, are not based on anything, are not backed by anything. This is just an eloquent confirmation, and quite expertly, quite officially, "said Peskov.

"But the British Foreign Minister [Boris Johnson] who accused President Putin and the British Prime Minister [Therese May] will somehow need to tell their colleagues in the EU about something, we do not know what, then it will be necessary to apologize to the Russian side, "said Peskov and summed up:" It's a long story, of course, this marasmus went too far, to our regret, we understand that this will not end immediately. "

"The statement of the head of the laboratory" Porton Down "will certainly affect the psychological atmosphere at the OPCW meeting, - the professor of the Moscow State University, Andrei Manoyo, predicts in a conversation with the newspaper VIEW. "After all, from the reports of the laboratory, from the results of the examination, they were waiting for those" undeniable proofs "that Teresa May promised earlier. Promised first of all the leaders of the Western countries, if they support it in the expulsion of Russian diplomats and other actions against Russia. Instead of "incontrovertible evidence" London presented a pacifier. "

OPCW - the organization is very serious, and it has not yet expressed its position, points out Manolo. "The OPCW investigation will take into account all the evidence that will be presented by the British side and the Russian side if it is admitted to the materials," the expert said.

Manoilo believes that the lack of arguments from opponents will strengthen the position of Russia's representatives. "All that Teresa could provide in support of her unfounded accusations is this report" about nothing. " And this circumstance creates a non-alternative situation. In addition to Russia's position, which is supported by documents, is based on the norms of international law, there is no other constructive position, "notes Manolo. Those who will assess the positions of Russia and the UK will risk getting stupid if they again support London, "with its rumors, speculation and paradoxical assumptions," notes Manolo.

Igor Rybalchenko, head of the laboratory for chemical and analytical control of the scientific center of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, recalled in an interview with RT that the synthesis of the substance that was probably used in Salisbury is not a problem, and all its components are commercially available.

"Of these compounds, by not very complex procedures, which are owned by all chemists - synthetics of organic compounds, these substances can be synthesized. True, this is not done somewhere in the kitchen, since it is a matter of highly toxic substances, so the laboratory should be well equipped,

- said Rybalchenko.

By the way, a funny coincidence - on the page of the Russian Service of the BBC, Aitkenhead's confession in the evening on Tuesday was side by side with the interview of the first chairman of the OPCW, the Brazilian diplomat Jose Bustani, who also exposed the lies of the British government, only 15-year-old. The occasion for the publication was the anniversary of the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq.

"Everyone knew that there were no chemical weapons in Iraq," Bustani says, recalling with indignation how US politicians, including the then US permanent representative to the United Nations John Bolton, succeeded in removing him from the post of OPCW chairman, since Bustani prevented them from finding an excuse for attacks on Iraq. As the BBC admits, all the accusations of Washington and London against Iraq ended up being a lie.

Michael Moshkin
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