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British military did not protect the birds from poachers Cyprus

More than 800 thousand songbirds were victims of poachers on British military bases of Akrotiri and Dhekelia in Cyprus last autumn. It is reported by The Independent.

As noted in the report of environmental organizations "Royal Society for the Protection of Birds» (RSPB) and BirdLife Cyprus, is one of the highest rates for this overseas territory of the United Kingdom since the early observations in 2002 year. In addition, from August to October 2016, the British police in conjunction with the RSPB seized an unprecedented number of nets for catching small birds.

Poachers prey on songbirds to sell their meat to local restaurants offering ambelopuliya delicacy, a dish of such birds, a robin or a blackcap. Price when buying a bird hunters is about one euro, while the café food from birds 12 60 can be ordered for Euro, said the BBC.

Earlier, environmentalists have tried to achieve cutting of the Australian acacia. Trees were planted in the territory of the British bases for luring songbirds. Despite the efforts of activists, about two-thirds of the trees remained intact.

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