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British Air Force sprayed over Cyprus chemicals to climate change

The theory of conspiracy against Cyprus found a new ally in the person of the Minister of Agriculture Kuyalisa Nikos, who ordered an investigation into the suspicions of local residents that a British Air Force aircraft stationed on the island is carried out regular spraying an unknown chemical.

The Ministry of Agriculture is literally flooded with complaints from individuals, farmers and organizations which in one voice say that the aircraft RAF based in Cyprus periodically sprayed chemicals in the air with sinister motives.

Those who believe in the conspiracy theory of the chemical substantially increased its activity in social media in recent years. They provoke public concern that the spraying is carried out in secret, these secret chemicals focused on climate change, prevent the formation of clouds and precipitation, and when ingested even change the function of the human brain.

Minister Kuyalis sent a request to the Committee on the Environment, after having received a letter from the Chairman of the Union of Farmers (EKA) - Panicos Ambasa, who demanded an explanation of the situation.

There are serious grounds to believe is no actual evidence that chemicals can have an impact on regional climate. Farmers claim that the purpose of spraying is to change the composition of the earth, and the chemical compounds in the air could potentially jeopardize the ability of the atmosphere to form rain clouds and precipitation, commented Kuyalis.

We are seriously concerned, because lately there are extreme weather events, high temperatures and lack of rainfall, said the chairman of Ambas.

Green Party leader George Perdikis said that already adhere to many suspicions that sprayed chemicals that are gaining momentum, becoming a real problem in Cyprus.

Although there is no in the world of any scientific base in the formation of climate and weather events management, Kuyalis Minister asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a request to inspect the British bases and asked to look into this matter.

A source: CypLIVE

Author: Anna Dimitrakis

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