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Will there be a new marina in Paphos?

Will there be a new marina in Paphos?

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According to the head of the Pafos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pafilia Group will soon show whether it will be able to implement the project to build the long-awaited marina in Paphos.

On Monday, the head of the Pafos Chamber of Commerce, Andreas Demitriades, told the press that he expects a response from Pafilia Group until the end of October. It means that the company must provide all the necessary documents to prove its ability to build a new pier in Paphos.

"Pafilia Group was asked to provide all the necessary documentation. This will prove their ability to promote, implement and finance a project to build a marina in Potima in Kissonerga. The company must show that it has fulfilled all the conditions of the competition, "said Andreas Demitriades.

Note that the consortium Poseidon planned to build a new marina in Paphos at a cost of 215 million euros, but in April this year they were denied. In this case, the Latin American tenderer Pafilia Group could take advantage of the situation and provide all the necessary documents to win and conclude a transaction for construction.

The offer from Pafilia is different in design and costs less than Poseidon's (about 175 million euros). And if they do not comply with all the tender requirements, the selection process for the contractor, which has already dragged on, will be stopped. As a result, the authorities will announce a new tender.

The tender for the construction of the marina in Paphos was announced in 2007 and in 2008 year. Initially, the tender was won by the consortium Cybarco-Pandora, which includes the group Leptos.

However, the other two members, Pafilia and Poseidon, challenged this decision. They said that the winner offered a lower price for the construction of the pier and only because of this won the tender.

After the court proceedings began in 2008 due to disagreement with the decision of the tender commission, the project was frozen.

Replacement Poseidon

In December 2015, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Poseidon with their project worth 215 million euros. The company had to prove that it was financially capable of implementing the project. For this, Poseidon had to provide 60% of the total amount (this is 125 million euros).

But after months of negotiations, it turned out that Poseidon can not fulfill the financial conditions, so the pier construction project moved to Pafilia, the largest developer in Cyprus.

Head of the Kissonerga community George Stylianou said that the local council was tired of the fact that the issue of building a marina in Paphos for a long time can not be decided.

"We are worried that the current situation keeps us from making any important decisions, and we need to know if the pier or not will appear," Stylianou said.

Stylianou noted that the coastline on which they want to build a jetty often suffers from strong waves. This need to be controlled by the construction of breakwaters to provide a higher level of safety for holidaymakers on the beach. But the construction of breakwaters is delayed precisely because of the prolonged solution of the issue with the pier.

"We were told that the construction of the pier would change the flow of water and that first we would need to build a marina, and after that we will be able to build breakwaters."

Stylianou added that after safety on the 1,5-kilometer stretch of the beach improves, this place will become the best beach in the area with parking and other amenities.

"For the last 100 years no one has drowned here, but the sea can be insidious. People should be very careful. This is an important beach for us, as its development will help the city's tourism industry and will bring great benefits to the community, "said the head of the Kissonerga community.

The proposed marina will include up to a thousand berths and more than 42 thousand square meters of residential and commercial real estate. It takes about three years to complete the project.

Representatives of Pafilia Group have not yet given the press their comments.

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