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Be careful while walking through the Cyprus gorges in the rain

Be careful while walking through the Cyprus gorges in the rain

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Avakas gorge in Cyprus is one of the most amazing natural places. High cliffs go into the sky, and along the bottom of the gorge flows a small stream. Tourists and islanders love this place for its beauty and rich nature, but it is not recommended to go here in the winter.

Avakas gorge in Cyprus in winter becomes dangerous for visitors: because of the rains there is a risk of landslides. Meanwhile, tourists continue to walk along the gorge, even in bad weather. This seriously worried the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The Department of Forestry, which oversees the Akamas peninsula, on which the Avakas gorge is located, has not yet taken any measures to protect tourists. All he can do is equip some places with warning signs.

The Ministry of the Economy of Cyprus responded with a refusal on the proposal to protect the especially dangerous parts of the gorge with a grid. "It can be too expensive. In addition, a survey was conducted in the canyon, which showed that the slopes are stable and there is no big risk of landslides and landslides, "the Minister of Agriculture Nikos Kuyalis said, according to Philelewtheros.

While the issue of complete safety of the Avakas gorge has not been resolved, it is recommended to refrain from visiting this natural site during heavy rains.

Irina Zhmaeva
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