Today: January 16 2019
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The former head of MI-6 told about plans for dismembering Russia

The former head of MI-6 told about plans for dismembering Russia

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Former head of the British foreign intelligence MI-6, John Scarlett gave an interview with the Guardian, in which he told about the joint plans of Britain and the United States to dismember Russia.

We will discuss right away that the revelations of a retired scout are more similar to some novel of the now late Tom Clancy, but if at least some of it corresponds to reality, and judging by the events of the last 15, there is such confidence, then from the "Western partners" We should not expect anything good. Yes, and this confirms that Putin's foreign policy of recent years was really aimed at preserving, or even simply saving the country from a banal collapse and collapse.

According to Scarlett, "It was supposed that after we brought Saakashvili to power, to implement a strategic plan for Russia's fragmentation and its repeated disintegration into three stages. The first step was the creation of military and intelligence bases and the deployment of military officers and security officers in South Ossetia.

At the second stage radical Islamists had to come to power in Dagestan, Chechnya, North Ossetia and Circassia. This part of the plan was followed by joint concrete meetings between the CIA, MI-6 and senior security forces of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. If in these regions the Islamists retained political power, practically NATO forces could gain access to the northern mountains of the Caucasus region.

The third step, as expected, was to start after the stabilization of military and PMC bases in Ukraine. It was planned that as a result of coordinating the efforts of US and British security services, a fictitious quarrel between Ukraine and Russia, and then with the intervention of US and British NATO forces, will be taken under control of the North Caucasus and all Russian coast along with the Black Sea. We believed that this stage of the operation would be completed by the official admission of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO membership, and practically Russia will face another collapse. "

Actually, Georgia's aggressive rhetoric of Saakashvili's presidency, and Ukraine, like Ukraine after the "orange revolution" 2004-2005, confirm this version. The closest cooperation with the West, integration into Western military-political alliances, and the current deployment of missile defense systems on the border with Russia, clearly demonstrate the intentions of the US and NATO towards our country.

As for the fate of Georgia, Scarlett spoke about the true underlying cause of the "Rose Revolution" and the further significance of this country in the US-British plan:

"The revolution in Georgia ended in victory (special services), and Saakashvili came to power. He called for membership in NATO, which was included in the agenda of the NATO summit with our mediation. However, unfortunately, the war of 2008 in Georgia became the iron fist of Moscow against our biggest strategic plan in the Caucasus. The bases of the CIA, which supposedly wanted to be stationed in South Ossetia, were incapacitated in Tbilisi. On the other hand, the first steps for the second stage were prepared, but Putin's next blow in Chechnya and the scorched earth tactics foiled all plans in the North Caucasus.

Although the crisis of Ukraine and Russia has escalated in several stages, Putin inflicted the third deadly blow to this strategic plan by integrating the Crimea into Russia; And disappointed us in the (possible implementation of plans for) the division of Russia, and in practice the operation was terminated. " What kind of tactic of "evoked land" in Chechnya is, in fact, not very clear.

At the time of 2008, Chechnya was ruled by Ramzan Kadyrov, who also permanently led anti-terrorist operations. It is also worth remembering that the Chechen battalion "Vostok" took part in the Georgian events. That is, at the time of the South Ossetian conflict, no "scorched earth" in the Chechen Republic was simply not needed. So, on the contrary, the region actively rebuilt and developed all these years, after the end of the Second Chechen War.

One way or another, but Scarlett notes that all these plans were not to be realized, because they were prevented by Putin's policy: "I must admit that because of the two Georgian and Crimean wars, the most strategic plan of the US and Britain for the collapse of Russia for The last few years, ended in failure. "

Nevertheless, the former high-ranking intelligence officer said that nothing has been completed yet: "As far as I know, there are now big plans to revitalize this goal. However, at that time Yeltsin's passive approach in Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus made us hope for a final victory.

The Rose Revolution in Georgia and Ukraine was the result of Yeltsin's inactivity, but after Putin came to power, he, with his unpredictable personality, frustrated all our plans in two Georgian and Crimean wars. " Scarlett sees the way to achieve the goal in the Syrian confrontation of Russia with terrorists: "I believe that although Putin, having intervened in Syria, tried to transfer the military threats and threats to Russia's security abroad this country, but Takfiri and IGIL forces can use the theory of bee attack to To disable this strong bear. "

However, even here everything is not very clear, in the sense that the peacekeeping operation of Russian troops is more or less stable, and terrorists in Syria are systematically destroyed. Moreover, despite the excesses of the type of bombardment by American bases of government Syrian troops, the task of neutralizing terrorists is being successfully accomplished.

In general, frankness is this, or a deliberate "duck" from the Guardian - is not very clear, but in general, the very intentions voiced as the dismemberment of Russia and its collapse sound serious enough to listen to them and take them into consideration.

Moreover, since the high tribunes of NATO and the US, phrases have repeatedly been heard saying that "Russia is the main threat to peace along with IGIL and North Korea." The Secretary General of NATO Stoltenberg and many American generals and military officials spoke about this. And the words of Scarlett in this case only confirm the general picture.

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