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Former Mayor of Paphos talked about life in prison

Former mayor of Paphos, and now a prisoner Savvas Vergas, who sits third year in prison, has adapted to life in captivity and says that now he - the other person. This Vergas said in an interview to television channel Mega One.

Speaking to TV presenter Emily Kenevezu, he repented of past actions and said that only programs and activities for prisoners to help him not to relax. "The loss of freedom is like a slow death" - confessed Vergas.

However, the former mayor of the chamber often takes his bouzouki and sings Greek songs. He also participates in the rehabilitation programs offered by learning from the course of high school subjects. Recently, he reads books in Greek.

Vergas, who is serving 6-year sentence for participating in a fraud Paphos advice on recycling wastewater (SAPA), said he intends to return the stolen money from the state.

A source: Bulletin of Cyprus

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