Today: March 22 2019
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CAPE: Let's conduct exercises on financial sanctions against Russia and seize assets

CAPE: Let's conduct exercises on financial sanctions against Russia and seize assets

Tags: West, Sanctions, Economy, Russia, USA, Europe

The Center for European Policy Analysis (former head Wess Mitchell is now Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs), Senior Vice President Edward Lucas suggests that Western countries conduct "financial exercises" on sanctions against Russia, and also freeze and seize Russian assets.

American "thinkers" and their servants in the EU and Ukraine continue to invent new ways to contain "revanchist and assertive Russia," Russians are allegedly dreaming of "seizing" the Baltic and Ukraine. As a rule, everything ends with the strengthening of NATO, the further tightening of troops to the western border of Russia, the expansion of restrictive measures, the strengthening of cyberwar, the fanning of propaganda hysteria, and of course, "give more money" - especially the American weapons mafia. But there are absolutely exotic proposals. For example, Edward Lucas, vice president of the Center for the Analysis of European Policy, suggests that NATO countries and other allies of bloody American imperialism conduct something like "financial exercises" to impose sanctions against Russia.

The best response to Russia's expansion is called "fast financial sanctions," namely, the freezing and seizure of Russian assets abroad. Say that hitherto, restrictions on Russia have worked to strangle - like a python, and now you need to get rattlesnakes. But it's harder to do than it seems, says Lucas.

The first problem. One high official told me that it is easy to destroy the Russian economy, Lucas writes. But how to avoid the collapse of the economy of our allies?

The second problem. Most of the Russian funds are in jurisdictions where courts, regulators and decision-makers can be slow or intractable. In particular, this applies to non-NATO countries - Austria, Cyprus, Liechtenstein or Switzerland. But Britain also has offshore islands in the Virgin Islands.

"I propose to conduct financial exercises ... The financial training that I proposed would become military games, but without the use of conventional weapons, we gather teams of decision-makers and work out a quick freeze and seizure of Russian assets in response to any dangerous or provocative move by the Kremlin "- Lucas writes.

Obviously, without the military provocation of NATO, the US or the Nazi regime of Poroshenko, Russia will not send guns to the West and its puppets. The proposal of Lucas, no matter how unusual it looked, this is a reserve for the war or another black propaganda. However, he does not explain what are "Russian assets", the property of the state or state corporations abroad, the means of the oligarchs, or both? Behind the brackets is also Moscow's symmetrical reaction. And what if there are more American assets in Russia? In a globalized world, predicting the consequences of the adventure proposed by Lucas is very difficult. Here you need to involve the army of economists, and not to blurt out a dirty language.

Vladimir Maslov
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