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"The Kingdom of God ... peace and joy in the Holy Spirit" (Rom. 14, 17)

"The Kingdom of God ... peace and joy in the Holy Spirit" (Rom. 14, 17)

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The world surpasses all feeling and protects the hearts and minds of saints. It is the clarity and tranquility of a peaceful soul, removing it from all anxieties and turmoil. To such clarity, love is led with faith, which God also gives the Father and Son, that we from the bottom of our hearts love God and others as ourselves, and pray for our enemies. Such a world and such love that the apostle sends prayerfully to believers is available only to those who are entitled to be called brothers: "Peace to the brethren and love with faith" (Eph. 6, 23). Blessed Jerome. Quotations, h. 17, Kiev, 1903, p. 388-389.

The peace of God is both the beginning and the immediate consequence of humility, it is the act of humility and the cause of this action (108, 306).

The world of Christ is a kind of subtle spiritual coolness - when it spills in the soul, it is in high silence, in the sacred deadness (111, 520).

The world of God is the spiritual place of God, the spiritual Heaven. People who go into this sky become equiangular. Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) (108, 275).

"And let the peace of God rule in your hearts" (Col. 3, 15).

Peace to you! Oh sweetest word! O sweetest word! O precious union of the human race and the foundation of its well-being! Without it, no good can be, nor can it be established. Where there is no peace, there is nothing good there, there is confusion. Therefore, the Church considers it necessary for all its prayers and actions.

First, this world happens when people live with each other in love, and such a love relationship between people is called friendship. A friend is like a "different I", and friends are two Souls living in unity. And about such and such friends Christ said: The word "peace" has three main meanings: 1) peace - consent, rest; 2) the world - the totality of the creation of God (Greek - cosmos); 3) ascetic concept of the same Greek word "space". In the theme "The World (1)" the word "peace" is considered in the sense of consent, rest, a good spiritual and moral state. - Ed. "There is no more love than if someone laid down his life for his friends" (John 15, 13).

Secondly, the world means a joint life in the love of relatives, for example, husband and wife. There is nothing sacred and necessary for the well-being of man, than this union, and therefore he strictly obliges the spouses to maintain agreement and fidelity between themselves. On this depends the prudent management of the house, the good upbringing of children, order in relations with the household, it pleases and facilitates everyday concerns. And without this, everything corrupts and the foundations of the blessed abode vacillate.

Thirdly, this is the peaceful life of people of any one place, village or city, or a whole region consisting of one administration. And this is called peaceful cohabitation and common peace. This world consists, in particular, of striving for common good, as for one's own. Where there is no such peace, there rich villages are becoming impoverished, merchants are ruined, the best cities are falling, and whole states are being destroyed. Where there is harmony and peace, everything flourishes there.

Fourthly, there is a world most needed and precious, which can be considered the source and foundation of the manifestations of the world we have named. This world is a world of conscience, when it has nothing to reproach itself for, when passions are pacified and do not fight. The apostle calls this state the world of God, "which is beyond all understanding" (Phil. 4, 7). He calls "peace", for such a person is calm and joyful; "The world of God," for no worldly benefits and amusements can bring such calmness to the spirit, but only one God; world "beyond all mind," for man can feel the sweetness of this Divine peace in his heart, but with his mind completely embrace, and the more so with words can not. This is what David asks God for this world: "Create a clean heart in me." God, and renew a right spirit within me "(Psalm 50, 12). Whoever has gained this inner treasure is always complacent and joyful. In happiness, he does not sneer, in unhappiness he does not faint, he is not afraid of death, for he is reconciled with God. His judgment awaits without fear, for he feels in himself the favor of God. Such a sweet state of the soul of a single property and being with heavenly heavenly consolations, for it is their beginning and anticipation. And because of this Paul calls this world - the world "beyond all mind": no matter how much one talks about it, no one can understand it with the mind, it can only be felt and felt in oneself.

I wish this peace to all, eagerly and joyfully, I exclaim: peace be with you, peace be with you! Peace to parents with children and household members; peace for spouses; peace to the rulers and subordinates; the world to the elders and infants; peace for men and women; peace to every age, rank and state. Let us unite with each other the sacred union of the world, we will hate all disagreement, strife and hatred as proceeding not from God, but from the enemy of the human race. We will keep the precious world among ourselves, so that we can bring a holy offering in the world. And the God of peace will be with us (Phil. 4, 9). Plato, Metropolitan of Moscow (105, 400-404).

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